Voices from the Field


To-Do Lists

by: Vern and Gloria Wagner

Greetings from sunny Alberta. Because of COVID‑19, we arrived home on March 15 – we did our 14-day self-isolation in Edmonton and are now at our daughter’s (Katrina, her husband Michael, three-year-old Jack, and one-year-old Amelia) in Edmonton.

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The Just-A-Seck Times

by: Ron & Jeannie Seck

We will all remember 2020 as the year of COVID‑19. When significant historic events occur, like President Kennedy’s assassination or 9‑11, we can all immediately answer the “where were you when it happened?”

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Updates on Russia and Ukraine COVID-19

by: Gary Clatterbuck

My last trip to Russia included a very important meeting with Victor from Novokuznetsk, with his good friend Vasilli in Moscow.

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Shan in Japan

by: Shan Reed

Greetings from Japan! Thank you for being part of what God is doing here. What a ride these past three months have been. I have been learning, along with all of you, how to live and minister in these unprecedented times.

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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

by: Nick & Iris

At the time of writing, we are not only thankful that we stay healthy with our Father’s incessant protection and adequate daily provisions, but also we had the privilege of walking and companioning those who were navigating in desperate situations.

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Extended Home Assignment

by: Yuri Nakano

On April 1, I was fooled! My suitcases were packed and ready to leave Edmonton to go back to Japan early next morning. I got a message from my sister saying she saw an announcement from a Japan Travel Agency and that I should check it out.

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Gewɗum ɗon

by: Jeff & Sonya Kilmartin

Gewɗum ɗon. This little phrase literally means something like “sadness is” – the sadness being the emotion of missing someone you love. Sonya and I have just this past week – Friday, May 1 – landed in Edmonton, Alberta, after close to four weeks of travelling, packing, and saying goodbye to various groups of people.

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CBC Crisis Relief Fund Update

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the sheep and the goats. He states that when His followers feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, cloth the naked, care for the sick, and look after the prisoner, they are performing these deeds to Christ Himself.

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Uncomfortable Uncertainty

by: Kristi TenClay

On Wednesday, March 17, the Cameroonian government went from denial and ignoring the situation completely to shutting down all schools, the borders, and more in a single evening.

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Before and After

by: Brandon & Marci Jones

We pray that all of you are holding strong in light of the chaos that has taken over the world in the past months.

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