Voices from the Field


Thank the Lord!

by: Shan Reed

Every year around this time, many of us take time to focus our attention on gratitude, especially “thanking God for all he has done.”

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God Provides

by: Dennis & Nancy Palmer

Throughout the Bible, we read how God provides what his people need when they need it. He provided the ram for Abraham’s sacrifice, divided the Red Sea as the people began to step through, and gave mana to the Israelites—only when they were actually needed.

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A Season of Gratefulness

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

When one is observant, ever day presents opportunities to be grateful. There are seasons, though, that help us focus on gratitude more than others.

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Discipleship for All Ages

by: Geoff Hartt

Our ministry involves discipleship and training at all levels. We do this by helping with resources for training, with transmitting support from North America to locations across Latin America, and with sometimes training the trainers themselves.

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by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

God’s faithful presence remains even when life changes all around and it’s turned upside down, which is home assignment, yet God’s still, small voice can be heard.

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Prevailing with Faith

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

During August and September, I was privileged to teach Missions to our 31 students in the Pastoral Formation program. We finished the class just in time for me to travel to Chicago for NAB’s Super Week.

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Persevering in Adversity

by: Julie Stone

After I returned to Cameroon during the first week of October, we have been occupied with final exams in anticipation of graduation – scheduled for the end of November.

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Ministry in Wartime

by: Gary Clatterbuck

What gives me hope? Seeing Slava, our friend and professor, in class in Odesa.

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Busiest Times of Ministry

by: Ron & Jeannie Seck

September 22 to the present has been, and is, one of our busiest times in the ministry . . . ever!

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Walk in the Grace of G*d

by: Nick & Iris

Time flies. Our home assignment has completed, and we look forward to returning to the field. At the time of your reading this letter, we have returned to Asia by the grace of G*d.

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