Frequently Asked Questions

General NAB Questions

What is the NAB Conference?

We are a family of just over 400 churches in the US and Canada that partner together domestically and internationally.  Although we come from German roots, we now worship in almost 30 languages on any given week.

What is the NAB mission statement?

NAB exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally.  Our four objectives are that:

 Member churches will be trained for missional ministry
NAB Missionaries will be sent and supported by member churches
Member churches and missionaries will be equipped to develop spiritual leaders
Member churches will be connected with cross-cultural ministries

Where is the International Office?

In 2011 the International Office of the NAB was relocated from Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois to Roseville, California, about 20 minutes from the state capitol, Sacramento.

North American Baptist Conference
1219 Pleasant Grove Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95678

Phone:  916-797-6222 (NABC)
Fax:  916-797-8329

 Is NAB a non-profit organization?

Yes.  NAB is a ministry in support of, and supported by the churches of our conference.

How can I contact someone at NAB?

You are welcome to contact us by phone or email.  We would love to hear from you.    Our phone number is 916.797.6222 and our email is

 Missionary Related Questions

What is a missionary?

We believe that every Christian is a missionary and that would include members of our NAB churches.  So, if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, then you are a missionary.  An INTERNATIONAL missionary is a disciple of Jesus Christ called, gifted and equipped to serve in an international setting.

In what countries does the International NAB office currently have missionaries?

The international office is currently the steward of NAB missionaries in eight countries.  Brazil, Cameroon, Japan, Philippines, Romania, Hungary, Russia, and East Asia.  We also have partnerships in a various Hispanic countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Paraguay.

Do you have specific goals for each country?

Yes.  Each country has strategies and foci in response to the national leaders.  If at all possible, we work in tandem with each country’s national church to equip the local leadership.

Do NAB missionaries have to raise support?

Yes.  The international office equips NAB missionaries to raise support from family, friends and churches.  It typically takes one year from the beginning of support raising to arrival on the field.

How can I learn more about NAB missions?

  1. Sign up to receive our newsletters which highlight how God is working through our missionaries.  You can sign up for updates on the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Take some time to browse around our website.  You will meet some fascinating people and hear some amazing stories.
  3. We would love to talk about how God might be calling you to serve in international missions.  We are experienced at guiding people to the path that best fits their calling.  Give us a call at 916.797.6222 or email us at

Can I speak with a current NAB missionary?

Yes.  We encourage you to engage with our existing missionaries.  Just tell us a little about your preferred ministry setting, and we will set up an introduction.  Email us at

Becoming an NAB International missionary

How do I find out about current opportunities within NAB?

We have four types of missionary opportunities on our website, but if you have specific questions about an career position it is best to set up a conversation with us.  You can call us at 916.797.6222 or email us at

What are the different time commitments for International missionary service?

We understand that a lifetime commitment to international ministry is a big decision.  That is why we have created a spectrum of opportunities, from two weeks, to a few months, to two years, and finally arriving at a career path.  Most of our settings have opportunities in each of these time frames.

What are the requirements to become an NAB international missionary?

The first requirement is that you are already a missionary at home.  From there we want to ensure a proper theological fit (core beliefs about Jesus and his church) and appropriate training for the specific position you seek to fill.

Do I need language training?

NAB does provide language training in countries where English is not an official language.

Do you have to be Baptist to be an NAB International missionary?

No.  We do seek alignment on key articles of faith, but many evangelical denominations have these things in common.  You can explore our Statement of Beliefs which is included in our Purpose and Priorities.

How much autonomy do missionaries have on the field?

Each country has a Field Director that helps set and monitor goals in concert with the objectives set with our national partners.  We encourage missionaries to be creative within the parameters set by our partnership agreement.

Do you have a formal application process?

We do. We would love to talk to you about your interest and then provide you with the appropriate documents for you unique calling.

How can I find out more about the work in various countries?

You can visit Voices from the Field and read more about our missionary’s personal stories.  You can also sign up and receive our bi-monthly newsletter highlighting how God is working in through NAB missionaries.

Support Questions

What kind of training will I receive before going overseas?

NAB partners with Mission Training Institute in Colorado Springs, CO in providing a three week, on site training component (COMPASS).

We also require all missionaries to attend a one week Debrief and Renewal conference at MTI as part of their FIRST home assignment period.  Children are included in both of these experiences.

Do you provide for the education of missionary children overseas?

Yes. Each Field determines their own practices for meeting this important need.  We do budget for children’s education, but the best solution is determined by the parents in concert with the Field Director.

How often does the International Office communicate with International missionaries?

Along with a required quarterly status report and newsletter and an annual review of goals, the staff at the NAB International office are frequently in some form of communication with our missionaries.

Do I have to raise my own support?

Yes.  NAB has developed a number of successful tools and systems that will help you share your calling with family, friends and churches.

How does NAB support my fundraising efforts?

NAB will provide prayer cards, introductions to churches, will track and follow up on all pledges, and will receipt donations.  Once you hand a supporter to our staff, we will do all the paper work.

Does part of the support go toward the work of the International Office?

Yes. When people support you, they also support the staff and strategic leadership that allow us to send you.

Besides salary, what other benefits can I expect with NAB?

The NAB support budget reflects the practices of the best missionary sending organizations.  We provide retirement contributions, medical benefits, life insurance, emergency evacuation insurance, as well as a modest budget for continuing education.