Voices from the Field


Serving the Ful*e

by: Jeff & Sonya Kilmartin

At the end of our last newsletter we reported plans to be in Banyo and work on language and to look into returning to Nigeria and visiting Ful*e…

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News at The Seminary

by: Brandon & Marci Jones

What a blessing it has been to have so many of you reaching out to us and encouraging us along this journey. God has blessed us with such amazing partners.

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Reminders of God’s Faithfulness

by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

For the last two months as our lives were somewhat turned upside down, I experienced many reminders of God’s faithfulness and care for us.

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Happenings at the Komyo Christian Church

by: Shan Reed

Thank you for your prayers for me, for my coworkers, for Komyo Christian Church. We have especially felt the power of your prayers over the past…

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The Beautiful Season of Spring Blossoms

by: Nick & Iris

Greetings in the beautiful season of spring blossoms! Pr*y that the remembrance of our Lord’s passion and celebration of His resurrection enrich…

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Mission Team Season

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

We’ve entered into mission team season already. We’ve started a lot earlier this year as generally we don’t see teams arrive until late Spring…

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God Is In Control

by: Walter & Florence Grob

What we do know is that God has given a very understanding and supportive team at the North American Baptist Conference international office…

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Community Development in Hungary

by: Ron & Jeannie Seck

Jeannie and I are currently in the United States. April 28 to 29 I had the opportunity to participate in the Global CHE Network Representative Council…

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Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund Update

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

The recent socio-political crisis in Cameroon that started in November 2016 continues to grow.

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God Is So Good

by: Elsie Lewandowski

God is so good! Among the thorns of leaving, He is taking care of my personal things back in Bamenda, providing wonderful places to stay.

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