Voices from the Field


Work With The Church in Japan

by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

Thank you for praying for our Christmas season and activities at the church. As we faithfully serve those that participate in the various activities…

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Summer in Brazil

by: Brandon & Marci Jones

Greetings from Porto “Forno” Alegre. In Portuguese “forno” is the word for oven, so this nickname is a running joke all summer.

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A Busy Time in Ministry

by: Jeff & Sonya Kilmartin

Greetings from Banyo, where the returning clouds are telling us rainy season is just around the bend (about a month or so away now, depending…

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Let it SNOW!

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

We are living in a winter wonderland these days! The snow just keeps on falling with no end in sight. The camp has been overtaken by it!

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Home Assignment Travels

by: Walter & Florence Grob

Through various weather conditions we have been able to continue visiting supporting churches, appreciating their partnership and reporting on the last 4-year term in Cameroon.

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So, What Will We Do When We Get Back to Hungary?

by: Ron & Jeannie Seck

Jeannie and I will arrive back in Hungary on March 1, but we will just be dropping our bags. On March 3 we fly to Tirana, Albania.

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The NAB at Urbana 2018

by: Kerry Bender

After more than a decade the North American Baptist International Missions team returned to Urbana, InterVarsity’s triennial gathering for missions.

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Odessa Seminary Update

by: Gary Clatterbuck

Odessa Seminary is experiencing leadership transitions. They also face many financial difficulties while at the same time…

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Our God Is Greater

by: Kristi TenClay

We serve a God who is greater than the worst this world has to offer and can wipe away the most jagged of scars. . . a God who left the glory of heaven to walk among us and experience the suffering and loss of this world . . . a God who IS and CAN DO ‘immeasureably more than all we ask or imagine.’ (Eph 3:20) As we enter into this season of Thanksgiving and approach Advent, take a couple minutes to think about that.

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A World of Acronyms

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

The world of missions is full of acronyms and Cameroon is certainly no different.

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