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Thankfulness, Waiting, and Anticipation

Published on February 12, 2024

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Dear family and friends,

We are grateful to NAB’s thoughtfulness and caring that we would participate in Debriefing and Renewal sessions in regard to our prior service in a demanding and fast-paced field. In this transitional period, we have an opportunity to reflect and interpret our stressful experiences and bring about personal renewal. In particular, our physical, emotional, and mental restoration, as well as spiritual refreshment strengthens us to the next step for which God is preparing us.

Brothers and sisters in China continue to serve God after we departed from the field. On the occasions of facing hard difficulties, they contact us and seek advice and intercession. We are thankful for their faithfulness and boldness to follow Jesus and trust that they are able to persevere and stand firm in faith by God’s help with His unswerving love.

We are going to have trips to the States and British Columbia province in February and March. During this period in North America, we are eager to visit and encourage a Chinese couple who has been called to full-time ministry, and both husband and wife are receiving theological equipping in a seminary in the States. We also seize an opportunity to visit a sister in the Lord who has recently left China and is adjusting to new living in Chicago. Sharing in some churches and attending missions conference in Detroit are in our travel itinerary, too. In the meantime, we are connecting some missionaries in Japan for information about procedures of visa application.

The Lunar New Year Day is on February 10 this year. The churches in China would arrange outreach events and activities during the Spring Festival holiday break. Also, majority of nationals will travel back to their hometowns. We pray that Christians bring the Gospel to their family members in the unreached areas and God prepares peoples’ hearts to accept Jesus’ salvation.

As we shared in previous letter: Lord willing, we are going to serve in Japan, targeting the Chinese diaspora. While preparing for our future missionary service, we learned that currently there are estimated 1.2 million Chinese residents in Japan, with only about 0.3% Christians. Realizing this people group’s great need for the Gospel and few workers to evangelize them, we can’t help thinking how they would have opportunity to hear about Jesus and know His salvation.

With love and gratitude,

Nick & Iris Hung