Volunteer your skills and time

It could be two weeks, or ten months. The point is you have something to bring to the table, you have some time to volunteer, and we want to work with you to provide the right setting.

There are three decisions that need to be made, and you have probably already made most of them.

  1. The first is the specific skill set you want to bring. Are you interested in medical missions, construction, theological education, something else?
  2. The second is the length of term you are prepared to serve. Is your time frame two weeks, one month, or up to one year?
  3. The third is about the country of service. Which of our NAB fields are you interested in exploring?

Each volunteer experience is customized to match the needs on the field with the capacities of the volunteer. Our Field Directors and Country Coordinators will work with you to create a missions experience that will be both challenging and fulfilling.

Contact the International Missions Department at serve@nabconf.org.

Short-Term Opportunities in Cameroon

  • Librarians
  • Medical Professionals
  • Counselors & Psychologists
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Children’s Ministry Trainers
  • Builders & Handymen

Teaching Opportunities

We have two week teaching opportunities in four of our partner countries.  You are invited to consider whether you might dedicate two weeks to developing pastors and leaders around the world.

  • Philippines – We partner with Bicol Center for Christian Leadership in Legazpi City. Contact BCCL Director Claire Marker to explore opportunities.
  • Brazil – We partner with Baptist seminary of Rio Grande do Sul. Contact coordinator Lyndell Campbell-Réquia to explore opportunities.
  • Cameroon – We partner with Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary in Ndu. Contact Field Director Maureen Moody to explore opportunities.


Consulting Opportunities:

  • Russia – We consult with the 11 satellite campuses of Moscow Theological Seminary. Contact us at serve@nabconf.org to explore opportunities.


Defined Term Mission Opportunities

A Defined Term Mission (DTM) is typically about two years.

This is a significant commitment where you have an opportunity to enter the culture, the work, and join the NAB team. Many people find that this DTM option is a perfect introduction to a career of serving overseas.

NAB already has a number of DTM options available for you to explore. Here are a few immediate openings.

  • Japan – Teaching English as part of a Church Planting team
  • Brazil – Teaching and Pastoral training at Baptist Seminary of Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Cameroon – Teaching at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Cameroon – Teaching medical specialties at Mbingo Baptist Hospital
  • Cameroon – Hostel Parent at Rain Forest International School in Yaoundé
  • Cameroon – High School teachers for various subject at Rain Forest International School in Yaoundé
  • Hungary – Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer for Central Europe
  • East Asia – University campus ministries and Life Coach

We can also talk about designing something that fits your skills and calling.

If two years is still too short, explore our career path (Career)