Voices from the Field


The Value of Support

by: Vern and Gloria Wagner

God has showed us just how valuable support raising is for missionaries. It is not only the financial support but more importantly the prayer support.

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News from Brazil

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

Perhaps the most exciting news is the fact that Paulo was ordained on the last Sunday in June! He has also been accepted as a partner missionary with NAB!

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Training Medical Practitioners

by: Dennis & Nancy Palmer

On the first of August, we began our new academic year. We have an excellent curriculum for the Internal Medicine training they will undergo.

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Transitioning to Life in Bamenda

by: Craig & Maureen Moody

Apparently we got used to the heat of Yaounde. While it is only about 5 degrees Celcius cooler in Bamenda, it will take some getting used to!

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Gospel Progress in Japan

by: Yuri Nakano

A highlight in June was getting an outreach event going in the Heijo church. The church had not had an event to invite non-believers for quite some time.

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God is at Work!

by: Shan Reed

Thank you for your prayers for me and the ministry here in Japan. It is exciting to watch God work in and through Komyo Christian Church!

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Death as Deliverance

by: Julie Stone

One of the constant challenges in this setting is simply contending with the fact that so many die each day.

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