Voices from the Field


Taking Advantage of Opportunity

by: Ron & Jeannie Seck

So, what do we do with our time? We have been stuck at home in Phoenix now almost five months because of this pandemic. Much of that time we have been on home lockdown due to the spikes of COVID-19.

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Life in a Socially Distanced Manner

by: Shan Reed

Greetings! The rainy season has ended, bringing summer into full swing with its heat and humidity, as well as the endless drone of cicadas. God’s creation is full of variety!

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Protection in Difficult Times

by: Dennis & Nancy Palmer

We are still here at Mbingo.  With the lockdown from the COVID-19 virus, we canceled the visits to many of our supporting churches and the conferences that we were scheduled to attend this summer.  We are mostly isolating ourselves in the house.  I no longer go to the wards but attend a few meetings at the hospital.

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G*d Is in Control and Is Still Working

by: Nick & Iris

One day in April, Jim phoned Nick and informed that his wife got pregnant. Instead of sharing joy of the news, he expressed his struggle and worries to the future. The couple has two daughters of 5 and 2 years old.

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Waiting but Working

by: Yuri Nakano

WHEN ARE YOU GOING BACK TO JAPAN?? ANY IDEA? This has been the number one question that I’ve been asked over and over again by many people. I wish I could give you all a definite answer, but unfortunately I do not have the answer at this time.

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Keeping Connected

by: Jeff & Sonya Kilmartin

The other very exciting thing we have been doing is visit many of our supporting churches, mission committees, and individuals to talk about the ministry we are all engaged in. This process of reporting on the work that God and his people have been doing has been a source of great joy and inspiration for us.

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Serving in Weakness

by: Brandon & Marci Jones

August is a month of celebration for the Jones family. On August 6, we celebrate Brandon’s birthday, followed by Brazilian Father’s Day on the 9th. On the next day, the 10th, Monica turns 13, and then the Jones family will have a second teenager in the house. On August 18, Brandon and Marci celebrate 17 years of marriage.

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Finally, a Business Trip Again!

by: Walter & Florence Grob

Before English Cameroon’s political unrest and before the coronavirus pandemic, it was normal for us working at the Finance and Development Department to make regular trips to stations, departments, and ministries of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC).

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The Father’s Good Work

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

Even in the midst of all the chaos around the world, we can still clearly see that God is at work! This is true for us here in Romania and with the ministry of Camp Falcon Rock. We are so excited to share with you the exciting news that the Bergman family has been officially appointed as NAB missionaries to Romania!

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Summer Joy!

by: Raffaele and Sylvia Gaudio

Summer joy! That’s what we have experienced in these past few months. Covid brought a lot of restrictions, but with it were many blessings. Although Yuri couldn’t return to Japan, we had the privilege of having her come visit us with Carol Potratz. What an encouragement they were.

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