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Becoming Established

Published on November 13, 2019

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Komyo Church celebrated 10 years this past spring. Up to this point we have been viewed as a church plant, working toward being an established church and calling a Japanese pastor. This fall we were given the go-ahead to begin that process. If you have been a part of a constitution or statement of faith committee, you have some understanding of the time this takes. Now imagine it all in Japanese. It makes my head spin, but I praise God that He has gifted Paul with language ability and the gift of teaching. Many of our members and attenders have never experienced this process and need to be taught what it all means. We are also praying for some attenders to decide to become members and continue the momentum of growing God’s church. We are thankful to those attenders who are mature in their faith and have experienced this process in the past and pray they will bring their maturity, wisdom, and experience to walk alongside us. We covet your prayers as we go through this process. For language understanding for Paul as he writes and revises a church constitution, statement of beliefs, and other documents required by the JBC.

Along with Komyo being organized and recognized as a church, we are hoping and praying for a Japanese pastor to take over the church and then we would be able to start another church plant or work. We have begun a conversation with a Japanese man who may be able to fill this position. Pray over this with us please. Pray for the church as they begin this process as well, that they would have discernment and understanding from the Spirit.

Along with all these blessings and exciting times comes the sadness that we are only here on this earth for a short time. Shukunami san was baptized when Elijah was baptized three years ago. At that time, she also became a member of Komyo. She has been suffering from ovarian cancer and her fight is coming to an end. Though we are so sad to see her suffer and know she will soon be in Heaven, we are so thankful for her faith, her testimony to her husband and family, and the privilege of walking with her for this short time. Please be in prayer as Paul leads and helps to organize the funeral. Pray for the love and peace of God to be felt and seen throughout this whole process.

As times to gather as family and friends approaches, we pray that your fellowship would be sweet and you all would be able to stop and soak up the moments and place the memories firmly in your mind. May your times of gathering be blessed with the Spirit of love, peace, joy, goodness, and self-control. May they grow deep into your souls.

Paul & Melissa Ewing