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Published on November 15, 2022

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God’s faithful presence remains even when life changes all around and it’s turned upside down, which is home assignment, yet God’s still, small voice can be heard.

What I have heard: trust, trust more, abide in me, love me with all parts of your being, spread that love, the act of loving others is Me even if you don’t speak My name, lean into thankfulness, I am near, I am providing, I AM. As much as change can be difficult, hurt, and be confusing, it can also bring new perspectives, new voices, and new ideas and dreams. Home assignment is filled with new. Discerning which newness is from God and which is not is a daily choice and discipline.

Elijah ready for first concert

Elijah hit the ground running embracing newness; a new school, new friends, new experiences by force. He has been courageous and strong, and we praise God that Elijah knows whom to put his trust in. Though he hasn’t played a whole lot on his soccer team, his devotion and encouragement to his teammates has been inspiring. Halfway through September, he decided to forgo his lunch period and join one of North’s concert choirs. He is looking forward to finding a part-time job and bettering his driving skills.

Paul has been in full travel mode since September. Visiting Cornerstone Baptist in New York; First Baptist and Woodland Shores in Michigan; Faith Baptist in Indiana; Grace Baptist, Washburn Baptist, and Metropolitan Baptist in North Dakota; and Madison and Trinity Baptist in South Dakota. Paul is gone every weekend, and if the schedule permits, he stops home midweek. He has worked hard to adjust and schedule his flights and visits so that he could make many of the various soccer games going on this fall season. He has enjoyed spending time with the various people who are part of the NAB family. Thank you to all those who hosted and made time to visit and catch up with Paul and the ministry in Japan.

I appreciate churches extending understanding when I cannot travel with Paul. With Elijah’s busy academic, athletic, and choir schedule, I remain with him to be his one constant. Parenting has seasons, and we are in the season of launching Elijah as we walk with him during his senior year.

Noah and Joy

Paul and I are enjoying being closer and spending time with Noah and Jonah as we continue to change our parenting relationship from direction giver to fellow traveler. Noah and Jonah have grown into wonderful men, and we are cherishing our times together as we enjoy one another’s company. What a special blessing being able to spend many Sunday afternoons with Noah and Joy and getting to know them as a couple. I am getting quite excited to have a ‘daughter,’ another female in this mix of men.

Jonah playing for Houghton

We look forward to Thanksgiving break, having both Paul home from his travels and Jonah from Houghton.

Paul has scheduled church visits through February 2023. Please contact him (pemedicus@yahoo.com) and let him know when and how you would like us to visit. We are blessed by you and how you support us through prayer and financial giving. We appreciate your generosity with your time and gifts.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support.

Grace and Peace,

Paul & Melissa Ewing