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Ice Crackles and Seed Pods

Published on May 13, 2024

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Some of you may have experienced that when a puddle just lightly freezes over, if you tap it with your foot it makes a wonderful cracking sound. I will forever be a kid playing at the puddle edges, as I love this sound. Here in Cameroon, it is too hot for freezing puddles, and I didn’t realize how much I missed the “ice crackles” until Craig made a discovery he knew would make my day. He took me to the path, and I was shocked when I stepped on some of these long seed pods. They sounded just like the ice! I continued walking with a grin on my face, and I said a thank you to God as He provided a moment of joy in a tough day. During this time of falling seed pods, I have had many of these moments. I am so thankful that God uses even little things to show us his love and to lift our spirits. In all my years in Cameroon, I had never experienced this wonderful sound, and God chose this time to encourage me with it. I’m grinning again just writing about it!

At the end of February, I headed out to the RFIS high school retreat. I was there as the school nurse and a small group leader. What an amazing few days! There were fun times playing games, incredible times of worship, great small group discussions, and a bonfire on our last night. Our speaker came from the US, but he was a missionary kid in Zaire and right here in Cameroon. He was an incredibly gifted speaker who drew all the kids in and really got them thinking. He motivated them to grow. This has led to the girls in my regular small group all setting goals to spend more time reading their Bibles. Some have decided to read the whole Bible in the next 12 months. I gave them some Bible-in-a-year reading plans. We do check-ins on their progress at our weekly meetings to encourage each other.

In March, we traveled to Douala and Mutengene. We visited our two CBC hospitals in Douala to discuss White Cross needs and visit the new hospital daycare centres. The daycare centres are a new initiative for children of staff members. This benefits the staff and the hospital, as childcare has become increasingly difficult to find and the hospitals are facing staffing challenges. We also spent time with the staff at the Central Pharmacy in Mutengene, where the White Cross sea containers are delivered. These visits keep communication going about what is needed or not needed in the CBC Health Services institutions. Maureen enjoyed the opportunity to further develop relationships with the staff.

On a personal note, we are looking forward to being at the NAB Triennial Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 11–14. Hopefully, we’ll see many of you there! It’s sure to be a fun time connecting with old friends and making new ones!

The end of July will bring our term to an end, so we will be packing up and saying goodbye to RFIS and our friends in Yaoundé before traveling to Triennial. However, as no one has been found to replace Maureen, she will continue in her position as acting field director for Cameroon. Maureen will work part-time from Canada, as much of the work is currently done via email, WhatsApp, and Zoom. Maureen will travel to Cameroon a couple times a year as needed for face-to-face meetings. We’re sad to be leaving but looking forward to being near our kids in Calgary once again. And of course, were happy to continue on serving in Cameroon in this new way!

Craig & Maureen Moody