Laszlo and Eszter Daróczi-Csuhai

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News from Chain of Love Homes

Published on July 12, 2019

It’s with joy and trust that we are sending out our second newsletter of the year. We would like to share with you some of our challenges and blessings.

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The NAB at Urbana

Published on January 09, 2019

After more than a decade the North American Baptist International Missions team returned to Urbana, InterVarsity’s triennial gathering for missions.

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Get to know Laszlo and Eszter Daróczi-Csuhai

Laszlo (Laci) and Eszter Daróczi​-Csuhai are both Master Trainers with the Misszió az Egészséges Közösségekért (Hungarian for CHE) Team in Hungary.  As a Master Trainers they are responsible to educate themselves by taking and learning to teach advanced Community Health Evangelism training modules. They then pass this training along to CHE leaders and workers in Hungarian-speaking areas through vision conferences, training seminars, and development courses.

Eszter has extensive training in Bible, youth work, physical education, coaching, and social work. Therefore she is the MEK Team specialist on children and women’s development issues. She is currently overseeing the startup of MEK’s Children’s CHE and Women’s Cycle of Life programs.

With his extensive background in farming and construction, Laci serves as the MEK Team specialist in the fields of agriculture, husbandry, technical and mechanical development. He is currently overseeing the startup of MEK’s biomass fuel-for-the-poor program.

Eszter is the MEK Project Leader for the holistic development program beginning in the Roma community in Matraszölös, Hungary and Laci is the MEK Project Leader for the holistic development program beginning in the Roma community in Boldog, Hungary.

Finally, they are responsible, with the rest of the MEK Team, in promoting Christian holistic development ministry to agencies and churches working with the poor in Hungary.

CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is a strategy that presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of tangible needs. Community leaders are trained and empowered to pursue solutions to community challenges, all within the context of scripture. This blending of scripture with practical needs demonstrates a tangible expression of the love of God.

Country Facts

Hungary A Central European country with a great need for ministry among the Roma people. The Roma are commonly known as Gypsies, and are a despised people group throughout central Europe. Read More Facts View All Countries
Key Ministries
  • CHE among Roma
  • Short-term teams via Gateway Ministries