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In His Hands

Published on February 15, 2020

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• The coronavirus disease would be controlled and order resume in the world. Affected people would be healed physically and spiritually
• National believers are able to discern and walk in the Truth without compromising with beliefs distorted by political ideologies from atheist government
• G*d’s continual direction to our ministries in the new province


• Brothers and sisters keep composing and publishing Chr*stian songs
• G*d’s protection and direction to our ministries amidst the coronavirus outbreak crisis
• Iris’ younger sister recovered well from illness; thanks a lot for your pr*yers

The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD is enthroned as King forever.
PSALM 29:10 (NIV)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the Lord! Because of YOUR pr*yers, we have moved and settled down in another province on the field last November.


Last December, we were invited to attend a wedding held in Taiwan. Susan, the bride, is a believer in the congregation which we served, and the groom is a Taiwanese brother in Chr*st. It was sad that Susan’s parents and all of her guests were not able to obtain visas to attend her wedding in Taiwan due to political reasons. We became the only guests of Susan, and therefore were invited to be the representatives of her parents for the wedding. Nick served as the bride’s escort at the wedding ceremony. We are thankful that Susan was greatly comforted despite her parents’ absence on the important day of her life.


Due to strict legal restrictions on religious activities, Chr*stmas celebrations in ch*rches were either forbidden or had to be limited to small-scale. Sad to say, some government registered ch*rches turned Chr*stmas messages into propaganda to honor achievements of political leaders or ideologies.

In spite of this unfavourable situation, some brothers and sisters celebrated the special season through taking meaningful action. They split themselves into teams of 2 to 3 people and gave hot tea and buns to street sweepers while they were working hard in the cold winter. We praise the Lord that Jes*s’ love was shared to the needy and G*d’s name was glorified during Chr*stmas season. Right after Chr*stmas, all of us took a trip to another province and had a spiritual retreat together until New Year Day.

 In G*d’s Hand

In January, coronavirus outbreak started and spread globally. The number of infected people and deaths increased rapidly day by day. People in the entire country are very alert and recommended to stay home for reducing interpersonal meetings. Most activities have been banned throughout the country since January 24. All ch*rch activities, schools from kindergartens to universities, most businesses, all restaurants, and some public transportation services are suspended in the whole country until further notice.

Since then, only our counselling ministries via electronic devices could be continued. The sudden and life-threatening coronavirus outbreak, regional earthquake, and shocking news of Kobe Bryant’s death made many people realize that human lives are very fragile and unable to be fully controlled by one’s own hands. Fear of the ongoing crises made people unable to stay calm with emotional stability. Some people even found no meaning of life nor hope to the future. We took this critical time to comfort them and shared the Good News with them. Only Jes*s can give people genuine peace, joy, and hope.

Thank you for walking with us in the m*ssion journey. Your pr*yers, love and support make our ministries possible on the field. May you and your family experience the wonders of G*d’s deepest love and abundant grace in the year of 2020!


Many Blessings!


Nick & Iris

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