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A New Direction

Published on November 15, 2023

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Dear family and friends,

In the past quarter, we are thankful for organizing some activities during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Week. In addition, several training sessions for the local leaders have been successfully completed. Meanwhile, we were busy packing our belongings and preparing for our return to Canada after multiple terms of missionary services in the closed Asian country.

During the emotional farewell moments, we, together with local partners, brothers and sisters, and dear friends, counted God’s blessings. Recalling various phases of ministries development throughout more than a decade in East Asia, all of us have witnessed and experienced the guidance and every presence of the Almighty God. Instead of naming them farewells, we would rather conceive of the events as celebration for a new stage of the national ministries. Even though we will be no longer serve with them in person in the same location, we work together through forwarding them materials and tools for future ministries. In the past years, we have provided numerous sessions of discipleship training, Bible studies, and workshops. When we heard all kinds of feedback from the nationals before saying goodbye, our hearts kept giving praises and glory to God and thanking Him for using us in there.

“Thank you very much for coming here from a faraway place. Not only did you lead us to know Jesus, but you also love us as our family members. In this closed country, we can only follow the world without any opportunity to know the Truth. We cannot imagine what our lives would be if we kept pursuing what the society pushes us to follow its trend and standard.”

“Although I became Christian some years ago, I did not realize that I believed in Jesus only on my head until I met you. Thank you for living a good witness of Christ among us so that I know how a Christian should live in daily life. My life is now filled with joy and hope since I know that Jesus dwells in my heart. I’ll never forget Jesus’ love to me through both of you.”

“Your discipleship led us to know and understand that Christian faith is not merely knowledge, a list of do’s-and-don’ts, or even a religion. I learnt that it is about building personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In your Bible studies, I learnt what decisions I should make in my family and working environment in order to please and glorify God.”

We prayed and encouraged the national believers to keep on the flames of evangelism, fearless courage, steadfast faith, and good witnesses among the neighborhood and community. Ministries there continue and enter into a new model. God’s love is everlasting and He is still working.

Right before November, we have returned to Canada and were going through jetlag. Virtual counseling ministries go on after our departure from the field. Praise the Lord that Jesus’ salvation and comfort are always the essential and ultimate answer to every life predicament in counseling scenarios. God is awesome.

As we shared in our previous letter, we are seeking God’s direction for our ministries in the future. During the past months, God gave us a passion to serve His kingdom in Japan, with targeting the Chinese diaspora. Please join us in prayer for God’s clear direction and guidance in our discernment of His will. Your intercession is much appreciated.

With love and gratitude,

Nick & Iris Hung