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G*d Is Our Strength, an Ever-Present Help in Trouble

Published on August 19, 2021

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Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the bright summer season!

We met a family two months ago. Here we name him PL. PL is a pastor in a neighbouring town, and his father is a pastor, too. PL has two children, a daughter and a son. His daughter is married, and she evangelized in Cambodia with her husband for a short period of time. She is currently equipping for further ministries through theological education overseas.

PL’s son, Jimmy, is now 21 years old. Jimmy was originally admitted to university last summer. Shortly before the class started, he suddenly got an unbearable pain in his right leg. He has seen many doctors in his hometown, but the root cause of illness could not be identified. However, his pain did not reduce at all. PL and his wife tried every way to help Jimmy get healed. They came to our city and saw doctors and medical experts in many hospitals. Jimmy finally was diagnosed with bone cancer, and sadly, the cancer had already spread

When we visited Jimmy, he had had a leg amputation. Meanwhile, his medical oncologist suspended his chemotherapy due to his weak immune system after several cycles of treatments. Looking at Jimmy’s pale-moon face and bald head (side effects of medical treatment), we were utterly heartbroken to his physical and mental sufferings, as well as heavy financial burden of PL’s family. Since the hospital does not provide long-term stay service for Jimmy, PL and his wife rent a small room nearby in order to take care of Jimmy and help him complete all cycles of chemotherapy treatment in our city. In addition to the medical cost, the rent and basic living cost in the city are indeed a huge amount of expenses.
throughout his entire right leg.

“G*d’s grace is sufficient for us” is the most frequent statement from the mouths of PL and his wife. When the illness first happened to such a young and handsome Jimmy, and everybody asked why, Jimmy and his family took months to accept the reality. However, G*d’s comfort and protection never leave them. The tears of Jimmy’s family have been wiped away and replaced by the unfailing promises, very presence, and timely provision of Almighty Lord. At a time when PL took care of Jimmy in the hospital right after amputation surgery, the parents of a patient in an adjacent bed learnt that PL is a pastor. They teased PL, as his family believes in G*d, that such terrible and bitter happenings came to his son. PL responded humbly that the Lord let him and his family, even though in distress, experience His everlasting love and unbounded grace.

We lift up Jimmy, PL, and his wife with pr*yers and other supports. After completing chemotherapy in the future, Jimmy will go to another city to have prosthetic leg installation. We pr*y that Jimmy adjusts to his new living bravely with help from our merciful and faithful G*d. (We did not take photo with Jimmy and his family for protecting his ego).

We appreciate your continuing pr*yers and all kinds of support to us and our ministries. Without your fervent pr*yers, we are not able to serve here. Thank YOU very much.
This is a time of comfort and encouragement. We can see G*d’s merciful hand in every family and individuals who seek Him. During the last quarter, we are thankful to have the privilege of serving as a channel of G*d’s comfort, encouragement, or counseling to 15 families and 19 young adults. G*d is love and His Word are comforting and full of power. May His glorious name be exalted to the highest! Thank You Jes*s, the Savior who is the Lord to restore broken relationships and heal the wounds.

With love and thanks,

Nick & Iris

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