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More Than Conquerors through Chr*st Who Loves Us

Published on February 20, 2022

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Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the month of Lunar New Year!

We organized some events of small group gathering at our place in both Thanksgiving and Xmas seasons, especially for those who moved from other provinces to earn a living in our city. Having decorated our home with a small Xmas tree lighting and nativity scene, we

Besides counselling ministries and serving in cell group of a house ch*rch, we had an opportunity to start another B*ble study session in the past quarter for a couple who are currently serving in outreach ministry to university students. We are grateful that a couple of brothers and sisters visited us from other provinces and sought advice for their spiritual journey.
are thankful that we had the privilege to share the joy and meaning of our Savior’s birth. Also, on New Year’s Eve, a group of young adults was invited to our place, counting G*d’s blessings and entering into 2022 together.

In mid-December, a group of police officers and officers of United Front Work Department burst into the place of worship right before our Sunday service. They charged our gathering to be an illegal religious activity. Police officers took names, contacts, identity information of some congregation members, and forced our congregation to sign confession and commitment documents. While some sisters threatened to shed tears, we pr*yed for Father’s protection and wisdom. Thank G*d to answer pr*yers! Having been warned that any religious activities without government’s authorization are illegal so that we would be unquestionably arrested if our worship continues, all of us were released shortly afterwards.

As a matter of fact, solidarity with foreigners in religious activities would even make the charge to the national brothers and sisters more serious and complicated. We pr*y that this incident affects our partnership with the national ch*rch at a minimal level.

As mentioned in our previous letters, many house ch*rches have been forced to close throughout the entire country in the past few years. Not a small number of pas*tors and ch*rch leaders were violently arrested, detained, and put in jail without trial. Last November, our dear friend’s brother, who is a pas*tor, together with a ch*rch leader, were caught secretly. Their whereabouts are still unknown at the time of writing. We keep pr*ying for Father’s protection over them with early and safe release.

We are planning for summer home assignment. We look forward to meeting you in person and sharing how G*d answered your pr*yers. Please join us in pr*yers for G*d’s provision and guidance to accomplish all the preparatory work, including but not limited to, arrangement of ministries for our absence on the field, moving and temporary storage of our belongings, flight availability and travel procedures, upcoming deputation visits during pandemic, etc.

With love and thanks,

Nick & Iris

2620 Taylor Green NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 3N9 CANADA