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The Lord is Our Help

Published on August 20, 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,

As mentioned in our previous letter, we have gratefully attended a m*ss*on conference in Argentina and enjoyed encouraging fellowship with other NAB coworkers. After that, we took a short visit to Canada. Early June while our stay in Edmonton, Nick found that the lens of his left eye, which had been implanted in a cataract surgery more than a decade ago, was suddenly dislocated inside his eyeball. He had to undergo an eye surgery to correct the lens’ position. We are thankful for our Father’s provision of prompt medical treatments and successful surgery. Although there was inflammation in the eye after surgery, the healing process was ongoing day by day.

In our short-term m*ss*on trip to Mexico early this year, a couple in the team was deeply touched by G*d’s amazing works. They felt to be called for theological training and then service in full-time ministry. We guided them to realize this calling to be G*d’s grace and privilege, and encouraged them to start from taking courses online. Praise the Lord! Both of them earnestly responded to G*d’s call and were admitted into a theological seminary in the States. They plan to begin their studies in September. We pray that their passion of serving the Lord grows stronger and stronger.

The atheist government on the field continues to prevent the “penetration from western values and powers” to the nation. In July, the Education Department had particularly edited some translated foreign reading materials for children and removed all contents containing religious terms.

Since last year more patriotic propaganda and comm*n*st ideologies have been instilled into government registered ch*rches, some believers left the ch*rch which we had partnered with. Most of them do not stop building relationship with the Lord and keep putting their trust in Him. Some of them attend house ch*rches and some of them worship and have B*ble studies at homes.

A few months ago, two married sisters in the Lord started to meet regularly. They share and support each other on enriching marital relationship with their husbands. In March, a lady who was facing marriage problems joined their meetings. Her attitude towards husband has gradually changed through sharing marital issues with Chr*st*an values, and the relationship with her husband has much been improved. Praise the Lord, both that lady and her husband started to participate in B*ble studies recently. We pray that G*d continues to draw the couple close to Himself and guide them to know the Truth.

We appreciate very much for your continuous walking with us in the m*ss*on journey.

Serving for His Kingdom together,

Nick & Iris