Republic of Cameroon

map-cameroonArea: 475,442 sq km.
Population: 22,616,351
Capital: Yaounde
Urbanites: 58.4%
Government: Republic
Number of people groups: 291
Major People Groups: 58% Bantu, 16% Chadic-Hausa
Language: English/French
Religion: 68% Christian, 25% Muslim, 4% Traditional Ethnic
Unreached population:  3,202,000

NAB in Cameroon

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NAB has been working in the country of Cameroon since the 1930s. We helped birth the Cameroon Baptist Convention that now has over 1,000 churches, two seminaries, 68 primary schools, and six hospitals, along with 52 health centers. The primary focus of our work with the CBC is in advanced medical training, theological education, and missionary children education.

NAB Missionaries in Cameroon

Walter Grob
Julie Stone
Rick and Debbie Bardin
Kristi TenClay
Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin
Craig & Maureen Moody

The following videos are helpful introductions to our work