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Published on September 14, 2016
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Greetings from rainy Mbingo!

We are definitely in the middle of the heavy rainy season. It is quite common to get 2” in one downpour that may last for 30 minutes! But the best part is that the temperatures are perfect and everything is lush green.

What have we been up to? Rick spends most of his time keeping up with the growing number of daily cases in the pathology department. There has been one great development in his department. He now has a transcriber/typist to enter all the data from the forms submitted with each specimen. This has been a huge need for a long time. Some of our volunteers helped do this during their 2 week to 1 month stays, and Debbie typed at night when she could. But with the caseload, Rick was spending too much time doing typing that was not a good use of his time. So Glancy, the new path team member, is a real answer to prayer. Rick was also involved in the CIMS/PAACS graduation again in July. We had 1 CIMS resident, Dr. Norah, graduate this year. We also have just taken 4 new residents for the coming year, making a total of 12 residents now in our 4-year program. The CIMS program has a new format to their spiritual emphasis in training. They will be starting small group Bible Studies. Rick will be leading a group of 4 residents.

Debbie has been enjoying our CIMS wives’ Bible study. The picture below is with one of the wives who recently had a baby. She also continues to have great opportunities to share the Word of God through handing out and discussing Bible verses with each patient. We have had some great discussions and many patients have expressed their own love for God’s Word and a renewed commitment to God in their life. Many are still in need of Him as their Savior, but let us claim the promise for them that God’s Word does not return void.

Now for the best part…..God Stories!

–A soldier had been gone 3 months in the Northern part of Cameroon fighting against the Boko Haram. He had seen terrible sights like banks of sand with body parts filling them from explosions; whole villages burned down; burned bodies lying everywhere. He escaped this time and made it back alive, giving glory to God. He knows firsthand that our God is alive, and has protected him through the battle.

–A 12-year old girl walked 10 hours to get her mom’s drugs from our clinic because her mom had no money for transportation and couldn’t make the walk herself. Now that is love!! We were able to help the girl with transport money to go back!

Presenting Dr.Norah her diploma at graduation.

Presenting Dr.Norah her diploma at graduation.

Celebrating with Dr.Norah

Celebrating with Dr.Norah.

With Cynthia, one of our resident's wives, and new baby.

With Cynthia, one of our resident’s wives, and new baby.

Pathology lab staff (Glancy, Nicoline, Rose, Remedy, Justin, and Rick).

Pathology lab staff (Glancy, Nicoline, Rose, Remedy, Justin, and Rick).

In His Matchless Love,

Rick and Debbie Bardin