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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Published on May 09, 2023

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Rick’s new scope from SWMCF.

We are learning the lesson that sometimes we lose ground or are delayed before we can go forward again. But we just keep pressing on, working hard, and trusting God for the progress.

These last three months have been particularly busy because we have been catching up from the one month away we had at the beginning of the year.

Rick & Dr. Mbanga in “their” office.

Rick is still trying to recover from the backlog of cases that he met on returning. Turnaround time on cases still needs to improve. Tissue processing was slowed down due to inferior solutions provided by local suppliers He is more than ready to have Dr. Mbanga, the pathologist being trained in Kenya, join him. As you have been aware, Dr. Mbanga was finally able to present his research project/thesis. We are now waiting for the oral and written exam schedule to be posted at the University of Nairobi where he has been studying. Pray this gets set, he passes the exams and gets back to Cameroon as soon as possible. We did have a lovely surprise last week. Dr. Mbanga appeared in the pathology lab! He decided while waiting for his exams, which will hopefully be set in June, he would take time to visit his family whom he hasn’t seen in over three years due to COVID and visa problems. He worked with Rick in the lab for a few days, which was great!

For Debbie, as of September of last year, she took on a new job for her HIV outpatient department. She has been responsible for submitting claims for all the patients’ charges so that the hospital can be reimbursed by the HIV Free program. These expenses involve registration fees, lab charges, files, etc. She also lost ground and has played catch-up until now. Her prayer request is for someone she can train to help and eventually take over this work, so she has more time to share Scripture and pray with her patients.

Cement mixer required for radiation therapy bunker.

Bunker site.

The exciting news these days is the Cancer / Radiation Therapy Center project is making progress. The bunker to house the linear accelerator is well underway. An engineer from Canada is involved and has been making several visits to ensure thing go well. Pray this project is completed well.

Also, please pray for our water supply. This dry season has taken its toll on our water table, and we are having regular water shortages, even with the rains coming last month. Pray the maintenance team can solve the problems and there can be enough water to supply our hospital and living quarters around.

In His Matchless Love,

Rick and Debbie Bardin