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Onward and Upward

Published on November 15, 2023

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We hope this finds you well and rejoicing in Jesus. Here’s a quick update of what’s happening here at Mbingo Baptist Hospital.

The radiation bunker as of October 2023.

First of all, we are thanking God that things have been more peaceful in recent months than they were in the earlier part of the year. The road to Mbingo from Bamenda finally opened after a three-month lockdown. Even though it has many potholes now, traffic has been moving. Work on the radiation therapy project has also been proceeding with pouring of concrete for the bunker that will house the linear accelerator. Also, a water tank project to increase the water supply to the hospital and associated housing is continuing. The third water tank is complete. The remaining part of the project is to connect it to the filtration system to make it drinkable water.

The new water tank to supply water for the hospital during dry season to now be linked with the UV filtration system.

New roof now covering both the old and the new upper water filter houses. The UV treatment units are there and will be installed as well in the lower filter house. This should more than double the production of water at the end of the dry season.

In August, we had our annual NAB retreat. There were only a few of us on the field this year, so we had a small but very fun and relaxing retreat in Yaoundé with Craig and Maureen Moody and Kristi TenClay. It’s always It’s always good to take intentional time to come together and pray for each other in person and get to hear firsthand the testimonies of what God has been doing in our lives over the past year.

NAB Retreat August 2023

Slide scanner

Slide scanner getting packed up

The next item is both a prayer request and a praise. The slide scanner that was purchased over one year ago worked well and made it possible for pathology reports to be issued during my absence, at the time of our previous furlough. Unfortunately, a few month ago, after the warranty expired, it developed a fault that required us to ship the machine to a service center in South Africa. This required packaging it in its original packing material and sending it to the DHL office in Douala, about eight or nine hours from Mbingo. This was no small task. I recently received word that it did arrive at the service center in South Africa. We are thanking God for that! The prayer request now is for the repairs to be completed, quality assurance testing to be done with good results, and the machine to be returned soon, safely to Mbingo, in good working order.

On its way to South Africa!

You may be aware that Debbie has been occupied with a new task as of September of last year – that of data entry. Her prayer request in May was that a Cameroonian person be hired that she can teach to do the data entry. Thankfully, this request has been honored, and the new person is in place now, working part time.

By the time you receive this letter, it will be near Thanksgiving time. We are indeed thankful for the tremendous privilege of serving our Lord in Cameroon and for the support we receive from you all, through your prayers and donations. We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving celebration and a joyful and meaningful Christmas season.

In His Matchless Love,

Rick and Debbie Bardin