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Highlights of Our Rainy Season Months

Published on August 21, 2019

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In June we had the privilege of helping organize a retreat for the missionary pastors that Mbingo 1 CBC Church supports. We support 5 mission pastors in very rural areas that have really had a hard year of service due to the ongoing crisis in the country. They have lost several members due to people wanting to go to safer areas. They have had people not come to church because of fear of meeting trouble on the way or at the church. We wanted these pastors to really feel loved and cared for while with us, just the way our supporting churches make us feel when we are in the US with them. Only 2 out of the 5 were able to make it to Mbingo. Some because of road blocks, others because of sickness. Two mission pastors and the two pastors at our church came. They were able to stay in one of our missionary homes all together and it was a great time of fellowship and encouragement. Rick and I met with them one evening. Rick met with the pastors, and I met with the wives. We had prepared some refreshments and gift bags for them for which they were very grateful. It was nice to be able to pass on to others what had been done for us.


As we have mentioned before, a “born house” is another word for baby shower. As you see in the photo, one of the CIMS resident’s wife had a new baby, their 1st, so it was a grand occasion. At these born houses it is common to have a group activity. All the guests stand in a circle, the baby is passed to each person while all sing a song “I know his name….” Each person gives the name they like while holding the baby, and in the end the parents sing out what the baby’s name really is.


The WINS (Women In Service) group Debbie is involved in has a yearly project to help the community in some way. This year we helped out 4 families that were affected by burning of houses during the conflict. The picture is of some WINS members with one of the people helped. She was so grateful and overwhelmed by the concern and love shown to her. To God be the Glory!


Rick enjoyed being part of the men’s group at church and many of them were dedicated into the group this Father’s Day. It is very common for groups to choose a uniform here. In the picture is the official cloth for the Men’s Department in the Cameroonian Baptist Convention. It was a great time of celebration that day for the men of our church. Rick is standing with one of our church pastors.


The pathology service has been affected like all areas of the hospital but not as severely. Specimens have been coming to us from many parts of Cameroon and this has made up for much of the reduction in surgical cases at Mbingo. In 2018 we reported on 4,451 patient specimens. So far, in 2019, we are at 2,190 case. That’s a 15% reduction (less than expected).

In His Matchless Love,

Rick & Debbie Bardin