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Changes Are Beginning as Vaccines Are Being Received

Published on May 20, 2021

Our students go where we cannot go!

Keep praying! Thank you for giving.
Pictures above are taken in North Korea.

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Published on February 09, 2021

The first year I went was to go to Omsk, Russia. I had never been to Russia before. I taught for two weeks. On the weekend I was taken to a village church led by the man on my right, who was  a part of the class. I had learned that he had spent time in prison for being a drug dealer. In prison, he found Jesus, which led to the drug rehab program in the prison where he was completely rehabilitated.

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Updates on Russia and Ukraine COVID-19

Published on May 29, 2020

My last trip to Russia included a very important meeting with Victor from Novokuznetsk, with his good friend Vasilli in Moscow.

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Get to know Gary Clatterbuck

Gary has vast experience in this area.  He began as a volunteer over a decade ago, and has since become the coordinator of our Russia ministries.  His role is to connect people like you to the needs of the Moscow Theological Seminary, and to their nine satellite campuses across the country.

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Russia NAB has pastors and professors who love to teach. Moscow Theological Seminary (MTS) has students at ten campuses across nine time zones who are hungry to learn. Gary Clatterbuck is our NAB liaison, coordinating the needs of MTS with the teaching resources of NAB.

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