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Published on May 11, 2023

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Greetings to you, co-laborers with us to reach the poor of Central Europe,

April provided many open doors for ministry for our Central Europe CHE teams. Please delight in what the Lord is doing . . .

Food and Medicine Becomes Spiritual Food and Medicine

Except for Hungary, most Eastern European countries celebrate both Orthodox and traditional Easter. This gives increased opportunities to share about the death and resurrection of our Lord and His great love for people.

Hungarian MEK’s efforts this month included Leonard Hanykovics’ use of the generous NAB donations for the purchasing and delivering of desperately needed food and medical supplies to hundreds of Ukraine’s war-displaced families and individuals.

Leonard, Ludmilla, and Aleks transfer food and supplies at the Ukraine border.

These people are being cared for and sheltered by some faithful Ukrainian churches. While they are receiving the generous help, they are also hearing about the Lord who loves and provides for them.

God is answering prayers with amazing stories of safe-keeping and people coming to know Jesus. One woman shared her personal experience. She told of a Russian rocket landing in her yard but did not explode! Then another one landed beside it but again did not explode. She is seeing this as God’s powerful hand in her life.

We praise God for how He is working in many hearts during this devastating war.

Leonard and his wife gathered the supplies and traveled more than 2,000 km to deliver $12,000 worth of lifesaving medicines and food to Odessa. We are very thankful to have this experienced missionary and his wife as part of the MEK team. They and other team members have also been very busy caring for and sharing Christ with displaced Ukrainians in Hungarian communities.

A Roof Opens Doors!

When an old roof caved-in on a Roma family’s home in Boldog, Hungary, it brought together concerned men from the community. Working with our MEK team and a local lumberyard that supplied materials at vastly reduced cost, they rebuilt the roof and helped the devastated family remain

The men of Boldog replace a collapsed roof.

This provided an unexpected opportunity for Laci Daróczi-Csuhai’s team to grow relationships with the formerly disinterested Boldog men. Discussions about the Bible and future community development projects have followed.

A Mayor Opens a Building to MEK!

Wherever we begin a CHE project in Central Europe, finding a place for the community to meet is a huge challenge. MEK has been at work in Apc, Hungary, now for almost two years, and the mayor is liking what he sees. Last month he suggested to the local board that an empty building could be used rent-free by MEK and the Roma residents if they repair and maintain it.

Apc mayor supports CHE with building.

This will allow the MEK team to hold community meetings, Bible studies, prayer meetings, youth gatherings, and more. We thank the Lord for opening the mayor’s heart, and we pray for willing Roma to help clean up and make the building usable.

Easter Camp Draws 40 People, Age 2–20, In Donji Petrovci, Serbia

The first day of Easter camp, it snowed! The second day, it rained. The third day, it was beautiful . . . just like Jesus’ resurrection!

For the ZZ Serbia team, led by Marijana Čizmanski, and for the many children and parents who attended, it was both an enjoyable and deeply spiritual time.

ZZ staff member Tamara rehearses the “Resurrection” puppet show.

Because of the three unseasonably cold days, they all “camped” in the community house, where they heard about the love of God shown through Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection for them. By means of puppetry, clowning, artwork, crafts, and storytelling, the wonderful Good News was given to this mostly illiterate village. Next on the schedule: start a youth leadership team!

Ron & Jeannie Seck