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Kingdom Partnership

Published on May 11, 2023

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Hey, Everyone!

We have had such a blessed spring this year. So many things that we are thankful for. So many people that we have had the opportunity to do Kingdom partnership with. At the end of February / beginning of March, the kids and I attended an excellent conference in Hungary for families who homeschool overseas, and I gleaned much wisdom and advice for our schooling journey. We ended up connecting with some good friends of ours from our mission training two years ago and met some lovely new friends at the conference as well. The kids each participated in a kids/teen program for their age while I attended sessions. They had time to process, hang out, and spend time with kids and teens who also experience life outside their home country. This was extremely life-giving for them, and they were able to realize that some of the challenges they face daily are not only challenges for them but shared by many others who have walked and are walking this road. The staff were so encouraging and loved them well. We are so thankful for this ministry and their part in helping families as they serve abroad. Upon returning home, we started preparing for our spring mission teams and had our first team from Whitecourt, Alberta, come at the end of March.

We had a blast with this crew as we served together in ministry and were very blessed by the service projects that they were able to help out with while they were here. The team did projects at the camp, as well as at the mission house property, and we were able to put on two youth events. The youth events brought out 60–80 youth and young adults to the village, as well as the camp. Jason and I also really enjoyed working with some local Romanians to put together a tour day in Romania for the team, and we were able to travel to some sites that gave a glimpse into the history of the region and some of the historical events and key people of the past. Thank you to all of the Whitecourt team that spent time, resources, and energy for the sake of the Kingdom, here in Romania.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we just picked up a team from Central Baptist in Edmonton a couple of days ago, and they have already seen and done a lot. They landed in Budapest and were able to see some sites in Hungary, and the next day we headed to Romania. Our first full day in Romania was a busy day of church as we attended three church services, and they were troopers because it involved a lot of driving. We had team members able to share through testimony, song, and preaching, and we were well fed at both morning and evening services, as hospitality and generosity is what Hungarians do so well.

Central Baptist in Oradea

Our team on the ground has started meeting to put together our camp programs for this summer. We are currently recruiting local leaders and praying about theme and registration process. We are so excited for the overwhelming interest already, and we can’t wait to solidify our volunteer team as we look forward to having fun, loving well, and sharing the gospel with many campers this season.

Our family is doing well. Dani celebrated her 15th birthday in February, and we are so thankful for the amazing friend group that God has provided her with.

Dani’s 15th birthday

We have enjoyed our Canadian visitors, and we are really looking forward to hanging out with Central Baptist for the remainder of their time here. The kids love summer camp and can’t wait to finish up the school year and be part of the camp ministry this summer. One of their friends from our neighborhood is coming out to camp with them, which is super exciting. After a very busy season of mission teams and summer camps, we will have some time to slow down in August and have some family and friends who will be visiting us!

Through the ministry of the education conference, Canadian mission teams, joining local and North American leaders for this year’s summer camps, we are so grateful for Kingdom partnership and that Jesus has been and will be proclaimed in all of these things. Praise be to God!

Love you guys,

Jason, Erin, Dani, Cristian, Olin, and Keli