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A Hunger and a Thirst

Published on November 14, 2022

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“It changed my life!” The beautiful young lady who sat across from me shared over a cup of coffee this past month. She attended last year’s New Year’s retreat at the camp, and it was a turning point for her. One of the speakers encouraged everyone to listen to what the Lord might be saying to them throughout the weekend through His Word or perhaps through others. She went on to say that she really felt like she heard the Lord speak to her personally and that she was deeply touched. Since then, she has been hungering and thirsting for that connection, and prayer and Bible reading no longer feel like an “I should” on her to-do list but have become a privilege. What a joy to hear young people respond to God’s invitation to draw near and enjoy Him. I believe that being in the Word daily allows us to grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of God that will reap a harvest in our lives, not just at summer camp or winter camp or “fill in the blank,” but all throughout the year.

Speaking of the importance of the Word in our lives, I recently read this from a Bible study that I am participating in, and it really impacted me, so I thought I would share it. I read, “As humans, we can filter reality through our own grid and to our advantage. We choose self-deception when our interpretation and priorities run counter to God’s revealed truth” (Bible Study Fellowship, Lesson 6, PPKD, p. 96, 2022). Isn’t this so true? In a world that so often encourages us to find “our own truth,” it has become a prayer of mine that our family and the young people that we minister to would be rooted in His revealed truth.

Friends from McKernan Baptist

Fall brought visitors: a family from McKernan Baptist, Jason’s parents, and my mom. What precious moments we shared with family and friends. It was so good to be with them and yet so hard to say goodbye! We were grateful for the time that we spent together; they were both a huge help and a needed encouragement.

Family visiting from Canada

Word of Life Bible Institute Mission Team from Hungary

I started a morning language class in Hungarian, the kids have fallen into the rhythm of school, and Jason continues to work at the Mission House. In October, Jason and our team hosted a mission team from the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary. The team did some service projects, as well as sharing during church and youth programs. They had the opportunity to stay in host homes in the village of Szentkirály. The planning, organizing, and a lot of the details were carried out by one of our local young leaders; she did an amazing job.

Our team is now preparing for Winter Camp. Téli Tábor (Winter Camp in Hungarian) will be happening January 4–6. Please pray for us as we plan the details of the camp and invite young people to come. May God continue to use these events to initiate a hunger and a thirst for God and His Word. Thank you for continuing your faithful support and care. God is doing great things.

Much love,

Jason, Erin, Dani, Cristian, Olin, and Keli