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Discipleship for All Ages

Published on November 15, 2022

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Maximo Toledo with pastors in Paraguay

Our ministry involves discipleship and training at all levels. We do this by helping with resources for training, with transmitting support from North America to locations across Latin America, and with sometimes training the trainers themselves.

In Paraguay, outside Asuncion, Crosspointe Christian Church in Detroit, Michigan, has been in partnership with several ministries there for a number of years now. Pastor Luis and his wife Zoila have a ministry in several very poor communities, providing lunches, educational support, and Christian discipleship classes. Most recently they graduated 450 children from their discipleship classes.

Pastor Maximo Toledo takes pastoral training into the jungles to equip rural, village pastors with basic pastoral training. This month he will be leaving Paraguay to take this training to indigenous pastors in Tuxtla, Chiapas, Mexico. What a blessing it is to these pastors.

In Argentina, Matias Buldain has been training pastors at his Pastor’s Training Center in San Justo for over a decade now. They have provided classroom-based theological education to equip these men to go and plant new churches in Argentina and throughout South America. Recently, we began discussing how to work together in a partnership between the school (CCP), HFC, and Kairos University to be able to offer affordable theological education to students there from a certificate in pastoral studies all the way through a Master of Divinity degree! We can help do this in Spanish, and the school wouldn’t need to spend any money on infrastructure! If this were to happen, it would open the door to affordable pastoral education for pastors across Latin America.

Additionally, Matias will be spending four weeks in January training pastors on the Amazon. He must take a two-day boat ride to reach the villages where he will be teaching. These churches are the fruit of the work of an incredible missionary named Sofia Mueller in the middle of the last century.

Colombian cohort for Kairos

In another new development, Tony Campos has now become a Faculty Mentor for Kairos, Español. We are now recruiting students from Mexico, Colombia, and within North America to enroll in the program in Spanish. We have had a lot of interest from pastors who are already church planting with Tony in California and with us in the Yucatan, Mexico. Helping provide theological education and pastoral training is one of the best aspects of missions work we can pursue today.

The purpose of all this training at various levels is equipping the saints, all of them, for ministry. If you are interested in more details, please contact me. If you would like to see some of this work firsthand, we have several trips in planning now for next year. Join us!

Geoff Hartt