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I Am Traveling to Russia and Ukraine!

Published on November 08, 2021

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Joy and I, with our daughter, enjoyed her 50th anniversary gift to us, visiting England, Switzerland, and Italy – the Matterhorn, the Dolomites, the C. S. Lewis Home, and Oxford.

If with heart and soul you’re doing good, do you think you can be stopped? Even if you suffer for it, you’re still better off. Don’t give the opposition a second thought. Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master. Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy. Keep a clear conscience before God so that when people throw mud at you, none of it will stick. They’ll end up realizing that they’re the ones who need a bath. It’s better to suffer for doing good, if that’s what God wants, than to be punished for doing bad. That’s what Christ did definitively: suffered because of others’ sins, the Righteous One for the unrighteous ones. He went through it all—was put to death and then made alive—to bring us to God.

1 Peter 3:13–18 (MSG)

Keep praying! Thank you for giving.

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  • Prayer for safe and healthy travels in November.
  • Prayer for the Evangelicals in Russia facing more regulations.
  • Prayer for the seminary in Ukraine.
  • I am triple-vaxxed, but always know the issues that can be harmful.
  • Pray for the two classes being taught in Russia and one in Ukraine.
  • Pray for my colleague Kirk Mackie, whose father-in-law is in his last days with cancer.


  • Both schools are partially open for in-person and remote classes.
  • We have seven courses scheduled with teachers in place.
  • Support has remained strong, so I’m thankful to all who give and also pray.
  • Praise for our churches as in-person services are happening.
  • Thank God for his faithfulness as we all walk this journey of a pandemic.


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