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The Gaudios are heading to Japan!

Published on February 21, 2020

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Last January, my wife Sylvia and I couldn’t shake the sense that God was trying to get our attention. So, we began to pray! After many dead ends and resigning ourselves to trusting that God knows and will lead, one morning I had this overwhelming sense from the Holy Spirit to pray. After a short time, a thought came to my mind—What about Japan? I ran upstairs quickly to tell my wife, who ordinarily is not very enthusiastic about my spontaneous ideas, but when I told her, she thought it was a very good idea. We agreed we should see if the NAB was doing any mission work there. Turns out the NAB’s International Missions website had a priority posting for a church planter in Japan. At that moment, we knew God had spoken. We have experience church planting overseas, so this was a ministry very dear to our hearts. So the journey begins.

God Bless,
Raffaele & Sylvia, Lydia, Ezra, and Jude Gaudio

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