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Thus Far the Lord has Helped Me

Published on November 14, 2018

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In August, our second semestre of the Seminary year started. This semestre has been a bit different for me as I’ve stepped back from my teaching responsibilities as we finalize all the preparations for the arrival of the Jones family. However, I have had the opportunity to do some different things ministry-wise. In September our Southern Baptist colleagues received an American team and Paulo and I helped out as interpreters as we did door-to-door evangelism with one of our local churches. This team was special because one of the Americans on it is engaged to my former Brazilian student and my current mentoree who has been serving as a missionary in Asia (not pictured). They connected online through her family when he had come to do evangelism in Brazil last year with this same church which is her home church! She is currently in Brazil for home assignment and Paulo and I were privileged to be part of their official Brazilian engagement party.

In October, we hosted Dick and Beth Rabenhorst for a number of days as they visited many friends and places that they served when they were missionaries in Brazil. I had them come and share at the Seminary and then we had a surprise party for them to thank them for their many years of service!

Also, in October, we hosted Randy Schmor from NAB Gateway who spent time training Seminary students and pastors on Sister-church Partnerships. Randy and I, along with the secretary from the Seminary, traveled to Uruguaiana, on the western side of the state bordering Argentina, to visit a church that is sister church to Pittsford Community Church in New York. It was a great weekend as Randy had the chance to speak 3 times as well as learn more about this church and all their plans for the future.

THE BIG 5-0!

By the time you read this I will have celebrated my 50th birthday! As I reach this milestone all I can think about and feel is how grateful I am! I think on the Lord and am reminded of the story in 1 Samuel 7:12 where Samuel sets up a stone and says, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” I can truly say, thus far the Lord has been my ever-constant help and for that I am truly grateful. Also, grateful for my husband, Paulo, who is my partner in every way. Grateful for my family and how they love me and raised me up to know the Lord, accepting His plan for my life. Grateful for my in-laws for accepting me and loving me even though I was a foreigner in this land. Grateful for my friends with whom I have laughed and cried with; for their wisdom and enduring kindness. And so very grateful for you, my partners in ministry! For acting upon your belief that God has called me as you support me and the work in Brazil in so many ways.