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Meeting Together for Spiritual Encouragement

Published on November 09, 2021

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Last month was a very productive and exciting month, with some women events that were able to finally happen because the emergency state was lifted! It was wonderful to start the Ladies Seminars again. In order to limit the number of people in the small space at both Komyo and Kongo churches, we did a hybrid of Zoom and in-person. This adds a need for more A/V technical help and adjustments, but it allowed for more participants. There was a total of 13 women who participated, and they all reported back to me how helpful and encouraging the time was. The topic was on spiritual friendships and purposefully pursuing this.

Another highlight was the Ladies Workers Retreat that mostly involved the pastors’ wives of the JBC. We met on October 25 via Zoom. It wasn’t yet decided that we were going to have one this year until opinions were expressed by the wives in August that they would like to have one. The planning committee included me and Melissa Ewing and Mrs. Taniguchi. The collaborative effort included a surprise package for all the participants, including homemade cookies and tea and coffee and a friendship recipe card and friendship bracelet. This started the retreat off to a good start, with the women already excited to meet together. It was from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, and we had a very productive time. There was a two-hour morning session on the topic of the need for fellowship and the dangers of being isolated from each other. We looked at the relationship of Ruth and Naomi and had discussions around how they encouraged one another in the Lord and if we have relationships like this in our own lives. We also talked about specific struggles that pastors’ wives can have in being isolated and how we could possibly change that in our own circumstances. In the afternoon, I was able to share about the vision for a greater JBC women’s ministry and the hope for more events such as these in the future. We closed with praying for one another and also discussing what we could do about next year. The feedback from this event from the women was overwhelmingly positive, and it seemed to have struck a chord with many who are craving this type of fellowship. Praise the Lord! Please pray for guidance and wisdom for planning the next events such as this one. I am hoping that this naturally leads to women wanting to volunteer to be part of a planning team for the JBC women and form a committee.

As Christmas season approaches, I am praying that God will provide ways for us to share the love of Christ to many who don’t know Him yet. May God bless you as you share His saving love, too.

Yuri Nakano