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Once-in-a-Generation Recognition

Published on September 08, 2016
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Lausanne Missions Movement Selects 3 NAB National Workers for Younger Generation Leaders Gathering

seck2 seck1Three of our NAB Central European National Workers received a once-in-a-generation recognition recently. Laci and Eszter Daroczi-Csuhai (Hungary) and Marijana Cizmanski (Serbia) were selected by the Lausanne Movement to be participants at the Younger Generation Leaders Gathering (YLG2016) to be held August 3 to 10, 2016, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Over three thousand future leaders from around the world were nominated for this once-in-a-generation gathering whose purpose is to connect future evangelical influencers. The YLG has been convened only twice before since the Lausanne Movement was begun by Billy Graham in 1974.

Laci, Eszter, and Marijana were among the one thousand from 160 countries who were prayerfully and carefully selected to be participants after several rounds of applications and referrals.

Originally, the YLG was to be held in Kiev, Ukraine, very close to Hungary and Serbia. It had to be moved to Jakarta because of the armed conflict in the Eastern European nation. Problems created by travel to Indonesia have meant that Laci and Eszter are not able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

For Marijana Cizmanski, our ZZ Serbia Director, it will be more than a one-time event. The YLG2016 will serve as a springboard for a ten-year commitment by the Lausanne Movement to walk along side Marijana through regionally based mentoring, networking, and cutting-edge missional resourcing.

We and the NAB are looking for some young leaders from our own North American churches to join quality young leaders like Laci, Eszter, and Marijana in our strategy to reach and disciple the poor and marginalized people of Central Europe for Jesus Christ. Contact us at ronseck@me.com if you would like more information. The Next Generation! The Next Community! The Next Nation!

seck3Happiness is English Camp in the Roma/Gypsy Communities of Boldog and Vácegres.

A team of 11 youth and adults from Steamboat Rock Baptist Church in Iowa combined with our MEK Hungary Team, July 24 to 30, to do action-packed English Outreach Camps in the Roma communities of Boldog and Vácegres. Each day, Youth Pastor Bryce Roskens and his hard working servants taught English, played games, performed music and dramas, shared Jesus, and developed relationships with Roma children and their parents. NAB national workers Laci and Eszter Csuhai led the MEK development project in Boldog, where over 40 youth participated each day. NAB national worker Rev. Joseph Csuhai worked in Vácegres, where average attendance was about 16 children. Bryce’s team was part of a group of 22 from Steamboat Rock who did English camps in Hungary.

We’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves: