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Formation and Renewal

Published on November 14, 2019

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In October, we had the privilege of hosting Kent Carlson, NAB Vice President of Leadership Formation. The purpose of Kent’s visit was twofold: to meet with five national pastors for a two-day spiritual formation retreat and to fellowship and encourage the team of NAB missionaries in Cameroon.

The two days with the five national pastors were full and somewhat intense days, morning till night. Here are a few responses from those who participated:

  • “As pastors we spend so much time studying God’s Word and preparing teachings to pour into other people, but we seldom let it feed our own souls.”
  • “I’m learning for the first time that discipleship is not a program but is a life-long journey.”
  • “It’s good to know that I’m not the only one longing for something deeper and more real in my walk with God than mere religion.”

Our prayer is that the transformation begun in these brothers will be evident in their communities and places of ministry and affect others toward deeper transformation.

With all but one of our NAB missionaries in Cameroon being directly affected by the on-going conflict and civil war, it was important that we took time for retreat. We gathered at a quiet and beautiful spot, far away from the conflict zone where none of us had to think about it for a few days.

Kent encouraged and challenged us in areas of our personal spiritual formation that influence our ability to serve others well. We also spent time hearing from each other and praying over each other. We’re grateful for such time of retreat and renewal.

Crisis Relief and the On-Going Conflict

Unfortunately, the conflict and civil war in the English speaking regions of Cameroon continues with little sign of resolve. While various institutions, both within and without the country, have proposed solutions to bring an end to the conflict, yet with little to no effect on the ground. Both sides continue with attacks, and innocent victims continue to be the ones most adversely affected. While some private schools have been able to open in urban centres, those is the rural areas remain closed for the third consecutive year.

Our NAB Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund continues to assist with meeting needs of the wounded, internally displaced, prisoners and school children. Jane (pseudonym), a single mother of three young children, finally fled her village after repeated attacks by opposing forces. She and her children made their way to Bamenda and found lodging with a friend who was already housing other refugees. With assistance from the Crisis Relief Fund, Jane was provided with training and capital to begin a small business that will support her and her children. School fees have also been paid for her oldest child and the family is receiving on-going trauma counselling. Jane is just one of hundreds of thousands like her, desperately in need of assistance. It is a privilege to work together with the Cameroon Baptist Convention in meeting some of these needs.

Please continue to give to the Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund. As the conflict continues, the number of injured, displaced, and traumatized people increases daily.


Keep a lookout for the 12-Month Cameroon Crisis Relief Report due to reach your box by the end of November.

Ever grateful for you and your support,
Calvin & Susanne Hohn


  • For the five pastors that participated in the spiritual formation retreat (see below), that God would continue to grow in their hearts, lives, and ministries the things He challenged them with.
  • For continued wisdom to allocate limited resources to meet the needs caused by the civil war around us.
  • That the message of hope proclaimed during the Christmas season would find new meaning amongst the millions who have been adversely affected by the on-going conflict.


  • For times of community retreat and renewal and for the diverse team of NAB missionaries we serve.
  • That Ysabelle has adjusted well to life in Canada and at university.

“God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us.” Ephesians 2:10 GNV