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Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund Update

Published on March 13, 2019

As the crisis and conflict in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon increases, so do the needs of the civilian population caught in the midst of it. NAB’s Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund continues to be a strategic means to meet many of these needs. Since the fund was created in November 2018, more than $58,000 USD has been given. To date, we have been able to assist 54 patients by paying portions of their hospital bills. Most of these patients are gunshot victims who have received life-saving surgeries. We have been able to assist more than 500 displaced school children in paying their school fees, and resources have been given to prison ministry workers to supply food, clothing, and medicine to hundreds of desperate people who find themselves incarcerated.

Along with the financial and material assistance given to those who are suffering is the care and compassion to see whole lives transformed. George Minang, a member of the CBC Crisis Relief Committee, states, “Our relief efforts are geared to listening to people’s problem saturated stories, sharing God’s story of love in Christ with them, while providing material assistance so that the combination can transform their life story.”

We continue to thank everyone who has contributed to the Cameroon Crisis Relief Fund. Lives are being saved and hopes are being renewed because of your generosity. We also ask that you continue giving. The conflict is far from over, and the needs increase daily and may be with us for a long time.