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Getting into the Swing of Things

Published on November 14, 2022

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How do we summarize the last 3 months into one short letter? It’s been great!

We are loving living in Romania! The people we have encountered are kind and generous, and the church really seems to love Jesus and the Gospel. Autumn in Romania is beautiful. Ian navigates the roads like he’s lived here all his life, and we have mastered grocery shopping. We have even purchased a turkey from a neighbor and enjoyed it at Thanksgiving. Our teenagers are set up well for the school year and have been working very hard at their studies.

Ian has been involved in the preaching ministry of the Hungarian Baptist Convention (HBC). He is able to speak from God’s Word through our interpreter. He is also working diligently at trying to fill the accounting/bookkeeping role.

Karen has spoken briefly at a women’s event and has led a few special music numbers and congregational singing times. This is of course complicated by differing languages and song tempos, but she is eager to keep learning.

We have hosted a missions team from Hungary, and Ian is currently away hosting a team from the USA.

Together we work with our interpreter to run a weekly youth ministry group called Most Klub and less frequently have been able to connect with the older youth/young adult group. Most Klub is the highlight of both of our weeks. It’s a nice group of youth who are so full of potential.

We lead regular NAB team staff meetings and try to touch base with each member of the team on a regular basis. Semi-regularly, we also head out to Camp Falcon Rock to do odd jobs or even just to check in with the staff.

Our family on a hike at the Roman ruins. It was interesting to walk on the Roman Road . . . and ponder the history in this area.

As a family, we have done some Romania tourism. We have visited some fascinating Roman ruins and a salt mine that has been turned into an interesting family fun experience.

Our daughter, Kendra, is a big animal lover and has been able to continue her love of horses and riding through a local English riding stable. She also got a puppy, which has brought us all a lot of joy and puppy cuddles.

Nathan has taken on some leadership role with the youth ministry group and helped with the missions team while they were working at the house project.

God has continued to show His goodness in our lives. It was a blessing to have three weeks of orientation with Paul and Tanya. God is providing financially, our home is warm and safe, and we are excited to be a part of our small village. Our family is at peace with being here this year, and we are making memories together. The local church body has encouraged our hearts with their willingness to meet three or more times a week and to participate through sharing testimonies or prayer. Even though there are not a lot of pastors, it is also very encouraging to see how many laymen are involved in serving on a regular basis.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

The Smiths (Ian, Karen, Nathan, and Kendra)