Voices from the Field


Easter Celebrations

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

With much joy and thanksgiving we can report that Mt. Carmel Church is back in her original community.  Easter Sunday morning marked 4 years, 4 months and 4 days since the former church premises were illegally taken over.  But this Easter marked a triumphant day as the members of the church marched and danced through the neighborhood to their new building.  While it is still very much a construction zone, with only the basement useful at this point, many friends and supporters from sister churches joined in the celebration.

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New Opportunities

by: Craig & Maureen Moody

It has been a month since we left Cameroon.  These past weeks we have been caught up in a whirlwind of packing, unpacking, organizing, visiting family, visiting friends and starting back at our jobs here in Calgary.


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Upcoming Transitions

by: Carol Potratz

God wastes NOTHING! You may feel that your type of service is ordinary and others may even feel it’s a waste. But David Roper reminds us, “Every act of love rendered for God’s sake is noted  and has eternal consequences.

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Church Planting Updates

by: Geoff Hartt

We have several new efforts underway for this coming year in our ministry to plant churches among Hispanics across the Americas. I’d like to share two of them with you in this newsletter.

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Home Assignment Trips

by: Kristi TenClay

I returned safely from France just before Christmas, and it was such a blessing to be with family to celebrate the birth of Christ!  In the days between Christmas and New Year’s I was able to make a quick trip down to Kansas.

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Back to Japan

by: Shan Reed

I have arrived safely back in Japan! Thank you for your prayers. I was to leave in the midst of the polar vortex and was, therefore, delayed a few days. It was great to have some bonus time with my family and friends. All of my flights went smoothly, and I was greeted at the airport by a few friends who kindly helped me get all of my baggage up to my apartment!

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Various Cultures

by: Nick & Iris

In January, we had an opportunity to visit a remote mountainous area where aborigines of an ethnic minority group, Miao group, have been dwelling in the past millennia. Having been invited to attend a wedding ceremony (which lasted for three whole days), we are thankful that we were able to build relationships with people in that village.

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Transitions in Japan

by: Yuri Nakano

Hope. This was the theme for last year’s Advent season at Komyo Christian church and also the attitude I have this new 2014 year. I pray that hope permeates your life as you trust in His Almighty love and power.

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Clarisse’s Story

by: Craig & Maureen Moody

What a privilege to serve in this beautiful country. We have gotten to know so many wonderful people and there are so many more to meet even here at Bamenda Station. Over 250 people work here in the rest house, health centre, schools and various offices. Craig continues to get to know the staff in the office and enjoys the lively discussions at coffee break. He is also able to share his heart as he leads staff devotions.

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Finances in Cameroon

by: Walter & Florence Grob

Affordable health care is a basic need. Affordable health care, combined with Christ inspired compassion is even more needed. Since 1949 Cameroonians from all walks of life have found this type of care at the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) health facilities. Initially the development of this ministry was headed by missionaries.

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