Voices from the Field


Outreach in Japan

by: Yuri Nakano

Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta which is still trying to decide whether it is spring or winter! I experienced snow on my first long distance trip to visit a church.  Those who know me well know that winter driving conditions are one of my worst fears.  Pastor Ed Lehman at Century Meadows Baptist in Camrose had the perfect message for me when he challenged the congregation about any fears we have and to let them be surrendered to Jesus.

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Needs in Cameroon

by: Walter & Florence Grob

As home assignment period is winding down it is a time for some reflection. We have had the opportunity to meet and share with many in the family of God who pray and support, to allow us to be involved in the work of His church in Cameroon. We are thankful for these brothers and sisters in Christ. We are thankful for the safety in travel by car and by plane as we strive to meet with all of our 28 supporting churches across North America.

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Moving Toward Goals

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

Happy Spring to everyone—especially to those who are like us in Alberta, just seeing the snow disappear! Though Paul and I are not yet in Romania full time, we have many exciting updates regarding the ministry. Paul and I have been busy wearing a lot of different hats since last summer. Paul finished his ministry at Central as the Worship pastor on Easter Sunday.

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Changing Seasons

by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

Where to begin? These last few months have been a season of fast paced activity and change. It has been a season of excitment, joy, exhaustion, sorrow, and change. We hold onto our faith, remembering that God is in control and look to the future with hope. We are also looking forward to a time of rest.

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Pastor Travels to Siberia

by: Gary Clatterbuck

This has been a very busy season as we have begun to have teachers in Russia on a regular basis. Steve Anderson was one of those teachers.  His trip was reported in his local paper.  I thought you might enjoy the perspective of a “new” teacher…

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Church Planting News

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

On March 21st to 22nd we held our 4th installment of the EQUIP Million Leader Mandate training. Once again we were blessed with outstanding teaching by pastors, Norm Poehlke and Dana Goodnough. Since the beginning of this training in 2012, it has been our privilege to have not only Baptist pastors participating, but also pastors and leaders from a number of other denominations. At the end of the training I was able to record some interviews about the training.

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Refreshing Rains

by: Rick & Debbie Bardin

Greetings from rainy, but lushly green Mbingo! The heavy rains have seemed to come on early this year, but we are grateful for a better water supply because of it, and the beautiful scenery around us. These last 3 months have been busy and involved some exciting travel. In March we went to the beach for 3 days in Limbe with our NAB group for our annual retreat and it is always good to get away and hear about what God is doing in other parts of Cameroon and also gain some spiritual and physical refreshment.

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ROMANIA in the Spotlight

by: Randy Schmor

To those of us involved in Gateway Teams, the country of Romania represents what became an opportunity for this ministry to significantly extend its reach in addition to the North American Baptist’s (NAB) established mission fields. Gateway was invited to serve in Romania, and a number of other nations since, by NAB churches in Alberta who had established some relationships there.

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Who in Their Right Mind?

by: Elsie Lewandowski

“Who in their right mind…?” was a phrase God used when he first challenged me to go out of my comfort zone.  Each time God proved to be faithful and now He continues to challenge me.

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Electric Issues

by: Dennis & Nancy Palmer

Many years ago, missionaries at Mbingo dreamed of a small hydroelectric plant to provide electricity for the hospital.  (At that time a hospital generator produced electricity only a few hours in the evenings, plus two mornings a week during surgery time.)  Others nixed the idea, and the idea never went anywhere.

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