Voices from the Field


Continuing Preparation

by: Bud Fuchs

Earlier this week I was on my morning walk and I saw a young man park his car with a fish label on the bumper. So I approached him and asked him what that stood for . . .

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New Ministries

by: Yuri Nakano

I arrived back in Japan without incident on April 7th and was welcomed warmly by my colleagues:  Paul and Melissa Ewing and Shan Reed.  I praise God for them!  They stocked my fridge with food and made the transition easy.

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Catching up on Cases

by: Rick & Debbie Bardin

A lot has happened since our newsletter in February. We returned from our month vacation on February 20.  Some of you know that my (Deb’s) mom passed away March 11.

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Community Life in Japan

by: Shan Reed

Hello from Japan where spring is in full bloom! It is a beautiful season made even more lovely by celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. We were blessed at Komyo Christian Church . . .

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Canadians Take Over Romania

by: Paul & Tanya Gericke

We just finished up with hosting 52 Canadians from Central Baptist Church from Edmonton. The time with the team was BUSY however, it was also extremely POWERFUL.

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Cherry Blossom Season

by: Paul and Melissa Ewing

Cherry blossom season is a wonderful time. The anticipation of the first blossom is felt all over the country. Each bloom is beautiful and wonderful to look at . . .

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Chicken Run Nears Completion

by: Tony Dunaway

In March, I shared with you the exciting news that My Father’s House #12 was complete and Mama Martha and children were together as a family.

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NAB National Missionaries

by: Norm Poehlke

In my last newsletter I spoke about the changing face of International Missions. The western church (Europe and North America) used to dominate the work of international missions. Today . . .

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2014 International Missions Report

by: Norm Poehlke

The NAB international office serves our churches by acting as the steward of our international missionaries and of our relationships with our international partners.

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60 Years of the Cameroon Baptist Convention

by: Calvin & Susanne Hohn

The Cameroon Baptist Convention recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.  Churches held celebration thanksgiving services throughout the country while the leadership gathered to celebrate in Bimbia, on the coast.

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