Voices from the Field


Visits, Anniversaries, and Goodbyes

by: Lyndell Campbell-Requia

Our school year finished in December. With less restrictions, I was able to visit Meire, one of our first-year students, to encourage her and help her with some of her assignments.

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by: Jason & Erin Bergman

When I was doing my Bible study this past week, I came across this verse. I have been pondering it ever since and thought about it in my current context of mission preparations. In this journey, God has been so gracious and blessed us…

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Hope Is in the Air

by: Gary Clatterbuck

The first year I went was to go to Omsk, Russia. I had never been to Russia before. I taught for two weeks. On the weekend I was taken to a village church led by the man on my right, who was  a part of the class. I had learned that he had spent time in prison for being a drug dealer. In prison, he found Jesus, which led to the drug rehab program in the prison where he was completely rehabilitated.

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