map-brazil Area: 8,511,965 sq km.
Population: 195,423,252
Capital: Brasilia
Urbanites: 86.5%
Government: Federal Republic
Major People Groups: 53% European, 34% Mestizo and Mulatto
Language: Portuguese
Religion: 91% Christian, 5% Animist
Unreached Population:  119,000

NAB in Brazil

NAB began its work in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul in 1965.  It is a Gaucho culture which is very distinct from other states of this country.  We have partnered with the Brazilian Baptist Convention of Rio Grande do Sul in Theological Education and in the Compassionate Care of abandoned and neglected children through a ministry called Chain of Love.

NAB Missionaries in Brazil

Lyndell Campbell-Réquia
Brandon & Marci Jones

National Missionaries and Partner Organizations

Paulo Réquia
Chain of Love

NAB Family: Lyndell Campbell-Réquia from North American Baptists, Inc. on Vimeo.