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God’s Sufficiency through Dry Season

Published on February 20, 2023

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Greetings from Bamenda, Cameroon, where we are in the heart of dry season. As in North America where winter’s cold and shorter daylight hours can be discouraging and depressing, the same can be said for dry season’s lack of moisture, poor air quality, and dust EVERYWHERE.

The dust-laden harmattan wind started coming in mid-November, ushering in the dry season. At that time, as reported in my last newsletter, one of the Cameroon Baptist Convention’s hospital administrators was being detained. Prayers were joyfully answered at the end of November when the administrator was released. The civil unrest and conflict in the English regions of Cameroon continues, resulting in economic hardships, trauma, and grieving. The churches are still praying for God to bring a better peace to English Cameroon.

Also, toward the end of November the NAB Cameroon acting field director, Maureen Moody; a driver; my Cameroonian coworker Desmond; and I travelled to Banyo in the Adamawa Region. From Bamenda, it is a nine-hour drive – four hours on good road and five hours of dust, bumps, and bouncing around – which is better than the road conditions faced in rainy season! We made the trip to meet with Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin and some Christian leaders of a least-reached people group fellowshipping in Cameroon and Nigeria. This group is receiving NAB special project funding for their ministries. Our goal was to review their accounting procedures and propose steps to advance their accounting reporting. I can say steps forward were made but more steps are needed. Unfortunately, persecution is hindering this, as visiting them where their ministry mostly takes place is currently too risky.

The December part of dry season brought sorrow and joy.  One of Florence’s best friends, Edith, died of a brain tumor, leaving behind her husband and children. On the joyful side, Nkwen Baptist Church here in Bamenda baptized 33 people.

The CBC Finance staff pose with Doreen & Abel at their wedding.

Florence and the Saker Baptist College alumni enjoy breakfast together at their annual general meeting.

Dry season in January was characterized by “grunt” and joy. As part of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Finance and Development Department, I shared in the “grunt” work of ensuring that all 2022 fiscal year financial transactions for about 175 CBC departments entered the CBC accounting database and year-end processing is completed. On the joy side, one of the Finance staff, Doreen, who works closely with me on the missionary accounts, got married to Abel, who oversees maintenance of the Mbingo Baptist Hospital hydroelectric plant – a project that received much funding through the NAB. Florence had the joy of attending her secondary school alumni’s annual general meeting (Saker Baptist College – an all-girls boarding school). The alumni is striving to build a new refectory (cafeteria) for the school. And then on January 30, something very remarkable happened . . . it rained heavily! This washed the dust off all the roofs and everywhere and cleared the air, making breathing more pleasant again. This is a real extra blessing from God.

God-willing, by July 2023 a home assignment period will start. Hopefully there will be opportunity to meet in person with all those praying and supporting us. We are so thankful to all who share with us in this ministry. May God’s sufficiency also encourage you even in “dry seasons.”


Walter & Florence Grob