map-japanArea: A 3,000 km arc of four large islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu) and 3,000 small islands
Population: 126,995,411
Capital: Tokyo
Urbanites: 66.8%
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Major People Groups: 98% Japanese, 2% Foreign
Language: Japanese
Religion: 68% Buddhist/Shinto, 24% New Religions, 4% Nonreligious
Unreached population: 123,246,000

NAB in Japan

NAB has had missionaries in Japan since 1951. We were instrumental in beginning the Japan Baptist Conference, and we continue to partner with the JBC in the goal of planting churches that can make an impact in this very challenging mission field.

NAB Missionaries in Japan

Shan Reed
Yuri Nakano