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We Made it to Ndu

Published on November 15, 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,

Praise the Lord! We made it! The trek from Edmonton to Ndu has been long, but it has finally happened. After a great Thanksgiving with family (all our kids made it out) we flew out on Air Canada flight AC 160 on Thursday, October 12, at 5:55 am (which means we had to be up around 3 am or so), with our daughter Cari seeing us off at the airport. The flight(s) all went smoothly, and we had no real issues along the way.

We were met at the airport in Douala by the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) driver,  Dieudonne (though we just usually call him Dieu), who was unexpectedly easy to find in a bright red and white shirt (think Where’s Waldo). We dropped our bags at the rest-house there before going for a nice meal at the Mediterranean restaurant. At 6 am the next day (after one last early morning swim for Sonya) we headed out early, to miss the worst of the traffic, reaching Bamenda shortly after noon.

Cal Hohn, our director of Co-operating Missions, met us at the door of Elsie Lewandowski’s house, where we stayed for the next few days. (Click here for a short video from Bamenda). Cal and Susie helped us get orientated to our new surroundings here, taking Sonya shopping, bringing in a possible truck to purchase, answering innumerable questions, introducing us to our new mission partners among the CBC (including the executive president and heads of those departments with which Jeff will be working). We were also reacquainted with Florence and Walter Grob. Walter walked us through many of the financial procedures, AND we were treated to Florence’s cooking.

In a Toyota Prado jam-packed with our stuff (more coming the next day), we struck off to Ndu on Wednesday, October 18. On the way we stopped in at the hospital in Banso to meet up with Ibrahim and Bilkisu Wakili, two nursing students who are being supported by our NAB churches, (Click here for a video clip with them) and Craig and Maureen Moody in Bamkikai. The Moodys are only 32 km away from us here in Ndu, but that stretch of the road took just about 2 hours to drive, due to the epic road conditions.

In the end we made it, no worse for wear, getting to Ndu around 4 pm, in time to host Provost Johnson and some of his staff for supper that night in our new home (No, we did not cook!! The food had been prepared by the rest house staff). All of which to say – thank you for your prayers for journey mercies along the way. They were surely answered, and we are grateful to have made it.

Jeff began teaching within a couple of days, so he has hit the ground running. Sonya is finding her way around the house, yard, market, campus, primary school, etc. waiting for the right things to ‘find her’. We hope to travel to meet our some of our F*lbe friends by the end of November into early December, and also to establish contact with local F*lbe leaders at the time too.

If you want to read more little insights on our life and adjustment here, check out our blog (kilmartinblog@wordpress.com) To hear more of our prayer updates, please send us your email address. If the internet is up, you can hear from us far more often than these quarterly letters.