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Published on May 10, 2018

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The man exclaimed…“but Jesus didn’t really die on the cross, since he was such a great prophet, he couldn’t die, someone else died in his place at the last moment.” I replied, “but Jesus had to be the one to die because he was the ONLY sinless one to be able to be the perfect sacrifice for all of our sins. If He didn’t die, we would not be free and we would have no hope.” This was a conversation I had with one of my patients last month. We are still in dialogue, so pray for him that He will see the Truth that Jesus is truly the only way to be redeemed and experience eternal life. As probably our enemy would have it, we were interrupted in our conversation and were never able to get back to it that day. I look forward to our next encounter to continue sharing the best news I know, that Jesus did die and was resurrected on the third day to give us abundant life. These days our patients have been facing challenges in coming to the hospital for care and follow-up due to some unrest in our area. Pray that they will find safe ways to get the care they need.

Left to Right: 5 missionary pastors, 2 pastors at Mbingo, Debbie and Rick

In March we had the privilege to be a part of the Missionary Pastors’ Retreat at our church. The church supports 5 missionary pastors in 5 challenging areas of Cameroon.

We had a disappointment later in March– we were not able to attend the CMDE (Christian Medical/Dental Education) conference which is offered every other year for medical missionaries in Africa to update their knowledge and receive spiritual refreshment. Doctors come from all over the world to present relevant topics to these medical missionaries. It is quite an amazing experience. We have been able to go in previous years because there has been pathology coverage for Rick. This year, unfortunately, no one could come, so we stayed here to make sure the work could go on. It was only a couple of weeks, but even if Rick went he would have come back to a mountain of work, taking probably a month to catch up. We may have the opportunity to attend a different conference held in Asia to get updated next year in February. We are already praying for pathologists to be able to come then.

Speaking of need for pathologists at Mbingo, let us take this time to give you an update on Dr. Mbanga who is being trained in a pathology residency in Kenya. He began his residency in September and is doing well and enjoying the training. There has been an interruption in the teaching due to a doctors’ strike at the hospital he is training in this last month. He and the other trainees are continuing to study according to the syllabus they have been given. Please pray for the resolution of this problem so studies can go on normally. Our end goal is that Dr. Mbanga will come to MBH and serve as the second pathologist here with Rick. See how to give towards the Pathology Training Fund below.

Our NAB group this year at retreat in Limbe

We did get to experience a wonderful time of fellowship with our NAB missionaries in April at the relaxing beach in Limbe. It is always refreshing to get away and have more focused intentional time with God and be encouraged by other believers. We are so thankful for our NAB family.

WINS retreat April 2018

Our WINS (Women IN Service) group had a retreat here in Mbingo the last Saturday in April. It was also a refreshing time to focus on the theme, Sacrificial Love in Marriage and Family. I had the privilege of bringing the devotion that morning. Praise the Lord for His equipping! There were 26 women there, coming together to make a difference in our world for Christ.

 Our wonderful family and friends, we are so grateful for your support through prayers, emails, and giving! We hope this finds you well and enjoying the corner the Lord has placed you in for this time. May He bless you wherever you are.

In His Matchless Love,

Rick and Debbie