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Upcoming Transitions

Published on February 06, 2014

It’s Winter, but Spring is coming!!

We did have snow and the flowers on my balcony   briefly   wore   a   coat-of-white. Lovely, while it lasted! (Gone by noon!) 

God wastes NOTHING! You may feel that your type of service is ordinary and others may even feel it’s a waste. But David Roper reminds us, “Every act of love rendered for God’s sake is noted  and has eternal consequences. Every place, no matter how small is holy ground. Influence is more than lofty acts and words. It can be a simple matter of human helpfulness: being present, listening, understanding the need, loving, and PRAYING.  This turns daily duty into worship and service.”

The apostle Paul challenged the Colossians (and us!): “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” WOW!! I can totally see this in YOU!! Seriously! I am soooo grateful for EACH of you on my support team because you truly understand the NEED TO PRAY …AND you follow thru!!! You truly understand that the way to accomplish MUCH for Christ is to serve Him in ANY way you can, and that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Thank you for your perseverance!

For Example, your prayers for our church, Tsu Baptist (TBC), “to catch a ‘bigger’ vision and feel empowered to embrace it!” – were heard and answered! We were hoping that Christmas would be an important time in this process and all activities were planned through this transitional “lens.” Praise God!! The TBC came alongside us, at the CEC (Christian Education Center), and assisted in many ways. Now, we ask for your insightful prayers once again! Amber, Becky and I (ABC) have about 10 more weeks and we will be closing the Tsu English Center. The CEC (Christian Education Center) will continue, however. Our prayer is that the JBC (Japan Baptist Conference) will catch the vision that God has planted and carry the torch with Tsu Baptist Church for many years to come! Each of our remaining activities have been planned to assist with this vision. Please blanket them in prayer!

 Please  Pray  for these IMPORTANT  Events  …


07 – Movie Night:

09 – CrossRoad: God ’s Lo ve vs Hum an Lo ve  (Speaker: Dr Nakagawa, Mie UN)

11 – JBC Annual General Business Mtg (Sokai)

16, 17 – JMF Sokai; Becky’s Bridal Shower; JMF Fun

Day & Sayounara Party for Amber, Becky, Carol 21 – Movie Night:

22 – Monthly Event: Art & Music Cafe – JAZZ Live! 23 – CrossRoad: Student Talent Night


07 – Movie Night

09 – CrossRoad: Spring-New Life (Speaker:Paul Ewing) 18 – ESS Thank-you Party for Amber, Becky & ME.

20 – End of Term ☆(Tsu English Center will CLOSE!)

22 – Monthly Event: ABC’s Student Appreciation Party!

25 – CrossRoad: Transitions: Passing the Torch

(Speaker: Rev. Higashi, Pastor Tsu Baptist Church [TBC])

April: (Yuri & Amber will Depart for Home in April; me in May) 06 – TBC’s Farewell Lunch for ABC

26 – Becky will marry Elijah Kato ♥

May God’s Spirit touch your words & make them His-to-enrich-&-refresh-others!

Carol キャロル