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Training Leaders in Hungary

Published on August 06, 2014

Twenty Trained to Lead Children’s Community Health Evangelism

The story goes that scientists once tried to cross a crocodile with an abalone (pronounced a-baloney, a kind of jelly fish).  They hoped they would get an “ala-dile,” but instead they produced a “croca-baloney.”

So what happens when you cross a standard Christian children’s program or youth program with Community Health Evangelism’s (CHE) strategies and principles?  You get something far more useful.  You produce Children’s CHE, a dynamic community program that brings the gospel and whole-life transformation to children, teenagers and their parents.

From July 27 to 30, twenty Christian children’s workers and CHE Master Trainers from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, USA and Albania met in Novi Sad, Serbia, to be trained in Children’s CHE.  Their instructor was Dr. Jody Collinge, lead innovator of this program that adapts CHE so that it can be used with youth from ages 4 to 18.

The intensive 23 hours of instruction, will enable these workers and Master Trainers to return to their home countries to implement Children’s CHE in their own community development projects and to train others to do the same through similar seminars.

Eszter Csuhai, NAB National Missionary and leader of our CHE ministry to women and children in Hungary, organized this crucial regional conference.  Her vision is to see Roma youth become wholly-equipped disciples of Jesus Christ throughout Central Europe and the Balkans and especially wherever MEK Hungary does community development.  Right now that includes Boldog, Vacegres and Matraszölös in Hungary.  Children’s CHE will be key to that effort.

Besides facilitating Children’s CHE, Dr. Jody Collinge also heads up CHE projects among the poor in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and writes medical and children’s lesson plans for CHE.  We were able to hold this important training conference for key people and to have Dr. Collinge as our expert trainer because of special grants from the Baptist Women of Metro New York and Rowandale Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Canada.

NAB Hungarian national missionaries  Laci Daroczi and Eszter Csuhai formally announced their engagement in early August at a traditional Hungarian family gathering.  I’ll be back to you when the wedding date is confirmed.

For more stories and pictures of our ministry here in Hungary, go to Justaseck.com.