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Times of Celebration in Mbingo!

Published on August 19, 2021

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Greetings dear friends and family,

Here is a quick pictorial update of recent happenings.

Ordination of a young man whom God has transformed from a boy at our front door trying to sell us a small chicken, who then worked for us as a gardener and eventually went to bible college and is now a pastor!


Birthday of a dear friend who is a recent widow.


Graduation of a friend from the Bible Training Course for Pastors and Leaders.


Anniversary of some friends from church and work.


Send forth of our youth pastor to seminary.


We are greatly pleased to report that the group of doctors Rick worked with before coming to Mbingo, Southwestern Medical Clinic in Michigan, has a foundation (Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation) that has chosen to donate toward the purchase of an automated slide scanner for Mbingo. They are committing to match donations up to the sum of $25,000. The matching campaign has been going on for about two months now, and the Lord has provided 80 percent of the goal! The purpose of the scanner is to increase our capacity to make virtual slides available for reading by volunteer pathologists. This will help greatly with keeping the workflow going during times when Rick is away from Mbingo and will also help with caseload and ability to obtain consultations even while he is working in Mbingo. If this project is one that you would want to support, the information on how to do so is below.

You may make your donations to: nabconference.org/give/special-projects.


In His Matchless Love,

Rick & Debbie Bardin