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The World Changes But His Word Never Changes

Published on February 10, 2021

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Dear Family and Friends,

Warm greetings in the Lord!

We are very thankful that we have participated a Thanksgiving event with university students last November. We played games, shared life experiences, and built relationship with them.

Chr*stmas is the season to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jes*s Chr*st, is the time for family gathering, and is an opportunity to share our faith to non-believers. Amid the pandemic, Chr*stmas in 2020 was a very unusual and different one to all of us. We were thrilled to celebrate with brothers and sisters of a house ch*rch and shared the Good News to some non-believers.

We organized a spiritual revival meeting held in another province at the end of the year. However, strict restrictions of group gatherings were imposed throughout the entire country due to the appearance of COVID variants. The meeting was finally cancelled a week before the scheduled time.

Due to the lengthy pandemic constraints, some friends, including believers, became confused with their faith. In December and January, some families whom we pastored in the previous province visited us, stayed at our place, and sought spiritual direction to their lives. We also took a trip to a southern province and encouraged some families and students. We enjoyed to lift up each other through studying G*d’s Word and counting His blessings.

Let us share a story of our friend, Tommy, whom we visited in a trip. We first met Tommy about six years ago in a summer camp for university students, where he accepted the salvation. Tommy is a very friendly and caring young man. Since he became a Chr*stian, he has served as a volunteer in the team to organize summer camps for university students and was eager to build close relationship with the Lord. He met his girlfriend in one of the summer camps at that time. Tommy graduated three years ago and has been working in a southern province. This time, Tommy frankly shared with us that he lost the direction of his life despite the fact that he has a very stable job position with good salary. Since he broke up with his girlfriend two years ago, he has no longer attended ch*rch nor read the B*ble. We are very sorry to hear that Tommy is very disappointed to his current daily living. We comforted him and encouraged him to refocus his life rooted on Chr*stian faith. He is willing to commit his life to the Lord again and rebuild the relationship with Him. We pr*y that Tommy is able to find the meaning of life again from Jes*s, the Life.

One of our goals in the year of 2021 is to encourage and accompany brothers and sisters to read the B*ble daily, especially to those who have not read His Word for a period of time. We anticipate that the fire of their faith can be reignited in the midst of uncertainties due to the pandemic.

The pandemic seems to set physical distance among people and in some other ways. In G*d’s love, we are in one family no matter how far (geographical) we are. Thank you for lifting us up in pr*yers. We would love to let you know that you are in our pr*yers too.

With love and gratitude,

Nick & Iris


  • Met some new university students and shared our faith to them.
  • Granted the Fox family a healthy and adorable baby girl in December.
  • G*d’s protection along our trips.


  • His healing and comfort to those who are affected physically, economically, and emotionally in the pandemic.
  • Michelle Fox’s full recovery from delivery, as well as successful visa application to the field.
  • His guidance to our ministries as more restrictions were imposed in the country.

Your word, LORD, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.

Psalm 119:89 (NIV)

Nick & Iris

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