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The Value of Support

Published on October 04, 2016
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wagner1Hello Everyone

It is good to share with all of you what God has been teaching us and how He has been providing for us.

Last month we had a great conversation with Stu from NAB in California, he shared with us that we were entering into the tough part of our support raising. His knowledge and wisdom was right on. Summer is a hard time to connect with supporting churches, so we have stayed busy farming and spending time with family and enjoying our grandchildren.

God has showed us just how valuable support raising is for missionaries. It is not only the financial support but more importantly the prayer support in times of distraction (like summer) that is when He surrounds us when it seems like nothing is going on with our journey.

Now we know how the team in Romania felt this past year as they were waiting for the construction permits to be in place before anything could be started at Camp Falcon Rock.

Patience is a hard lesson when you can see the trail ahead of you.

He is so good and knows exactly what we need when we need it, He has been teaching us patience for His perfect timing.

August and September will be busy with meeting churches and folks that have been away this summer and we can’t wait to meet our new grandchild which is due in August. So these past months of waiting are going to get busier. With harvest just around the corner it should be a good time. Amazing to think of harvest and what God has lined up for us at Camp Falcon Rock.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

In Him

Vern & Gloria