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The Joneses Have Reached 80% Support!

Published on October 03, 2018

We praise God along with Brandon and Marci Jones and their three children for God’s faithfulness as they prepare to go to Brazil as North American Baptist Missionaries to teach at the Rio Grande do Sul Baptist Theological Seminary. The Joneses have recently reached the 80% mark in their fundraising; actually 82.6%! But, we’re not quite done yet; this is the time! If you have been thinking about contributing to the Joneses’ ministry, now is the time to join them! If you have committed to partnering with them but have not yet begun sending in your contributions, please begin those today! We are praying and trusting God that by the time they arrive on the field in mid-November that they will be at 100%. Your generosity can be the answer to that prayer. 

This bench mark serves as a trigger for them to begin the process to gather travel documentation and to set dates for their arrival on the field; please pray that this all goes smoothly. The hope is that they will be traveling to Brazil by mid-November. Brandon already has a course scheduled for November 19! This benchmark is also a trigger to bring them on full-time with the NAB as of October 16; this is an exciting time for the Jones family and for our NAB family as a whole!

The journey is just beginning and the Jones family is anxious to get to Brazil. If you are interested in supporting them or need to start your contributions, you can:

  • Click the Giving Buttons below
  • Fill out the ITG here
  • Or simply contact Lisa Meinschock at lmeinschock@nabconf.org or (916)797-6222 ext 235.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and generosity for the Joneses, NAB Missions, and the Kingdom of God!

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