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The Beautiful Season of Spring Blossoms

Published on May 14, 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings in the beautiful season of spring blossoms! Pr*y that the remembrance of our Lord’s passion and celebration of His resurrection enrich your walking with G*d.

Since termination of our partnership with the gov’t registered chur*h last December, we have been serving in the transition of ministries during the past few months. In particular, we continue providing counselling for those in need and are thankful that the Lord gives us opportunities to share our faith and the Good News through this ministry.

Besides leading a short-term m*ssi*n team to Mexico in January (shared in our previous letter) and counselling ministry, we took visionary trips to other provinces. Through visiting gov’t registered chur*hes and exploring house chur*hes in other parts of the country, we authenticate that the continuing presence of almost all gov’t registered chur*hes are restricted by an identical policy; namely, conforming to the core values of “socialism” and under the leadership of C*unist Party. Despite various levels and ways of enforcement in different parts of the country, rel*gi*us persecution (especially to Chr*st*an house chur*hes) keeps intensifying in the previous years. Severe suppression of Chr*st*anity which includes, but not limited to, demolishing crosses, cracking down on house chur*hes, jailing p*stors, prohibiting Chr*st*an activities, banning sale and publication of B*ble and rel*gi*us texts, restricting rel*gi*us internet/app/website access, offering reward to civilians and university students for snitching on Chr*st*ans, and threatening Chr*st*ans to renounce their faith has been escalating since last year. We invite you to join us in pr*yers for G*d’s mercy, strength, and courage upon brothers’ and sisters’ perseverance in the midst of ongoing threats from the authority.

In order to increase control over rel*gi*ns (mainly Chr*st*anity and Isl*m), the gov’t frequently summons p*stors of all registered chur*hes to “re-educate” them with c*unist ideologies and patriotism, and command them with strict national rel*gi*n policy. While c*unist propaganda slogans, posters and national flags are forced to be put on registered chur*h buildings, p*stors are charged to preach sermons which content should pay the C*unist Party compliment. Some p*stors find struggles to follow it.

Facing unfavorable restricted situation with potential threats on the field, we humbly learn to trust in G*d under any circumstances as He is our Protector and Wonderful Counselor. On the other hand, it is a privilege for us to participate in the NAB M*ssi*ns Global Summit in early May. We pr*y that the Kingdom of G*d continues to extend to different corners of the world through worldwide m*ssi*n ministries, particularly with your fervent pr*yers and all kinds of support.

Have a very blessed and fruitful summer!

With love and thanks,

Nick and Iris